Acosta calls out Fox News for promoting vaccine lies while 90% of company is vaccinated

Acosta calls out Fox News for promoting vaccine lies while 90% of company is vaccinated

CNN’s Jim Acosta calls out Fox News’ continued push of coronanvirus vaccine misinformation.
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  1. They killed everything that goes along with democracy when they bamboozled this election he did not win it was stolen and if the vaccine works then why are most people dying vaccinated

  2. Taken way out of context and you guys are all going to pay for what is going on, and your part in this. We are handing over our country, and it is only at the hands of the media playing into this, refusing unbias real, investigative, journalism that was a transparency chain for the voters who “WE THE PEOPLE “ are supposed to collectively use such power to insure what is happening right fucking now, never does. We are the last hope. Wake up brothers and sisters of the last hope of a free world.

  3. FACT: The longer the American people hold out vaccination, the greater availability to 3rd world countries who normally wouldn't get as many if at all……let's force the US Government to vaccinate the less fortunate…..then I will take mine. Want to help your fellow brothers? Give yours up for another,these vaccines expire,and are sent to a useful recipient. JUST SAY NO…SO OTHERS CAN BENEFIT.

  4. simple minded content.
    Same corporations exists doing business
    Same banks funding wars and crashing economies
    Same GMO industry growing and sickening people
    Same debt that cannot be absolved when money is printed on loan.
    on record F.O.I.A requests and court cases pertaining to
    operation mockingbird, Mk ultra, operation gladio,
    operation paperclip, Tuskegee experiment,Mk naomi,
    operation highjump, operation northwoods. go ahead a google "poisoning st Louis" and see what your lovely government does on record. go Google "poisoning foster kids" and see what comes up on record.

    six corporations own all media in america yet the same corporations will own conservative and liberal networks.
    four of those six corporate heads sit on the council of foreign relations. its right in their register.

    Same chem-trail sprayed skies… enough patents, videos photos and F.O.I.A requests on this. the evidence is out now
    Same perversions on TV and immorality.
    Same 21 million missing from d.o.d and h.u.d ON RECORD form the last audit. Forbes wrote a article on this…yet no politician talks about it.
    Same secret societies with registers. JKF and nixon gave aquotes on recording about this.
    Same 8 million children abducted every year for these rituals and abuse..yet no talk
    Same old…no talk on why these elitists aren't being held accountable for Epsteins island. They were named in the depositions and logs.
    Same pharmaceutical industry running its poisons and no accountability. Like vaccines…ya can't sue em…but ya can sue and get tax payer money instead.
    same loss of speech.
    Same censorship…
    Look sheep
    All you got to do is google "birth certificate corporation"…then you will realize why your name is in uppercase on your DL and taxes… why you are filed as a corporation and stock to be sold as a product which makes you operable in commerce.
    You don't even realize you're a corporation and fall under corporate, Maritime code…hence why judges dont follow constitution law but administrative law.
    you need to know your legal status.
    Bill of peace j316s was legally passed by a 3rd party court because Government lost its position by abandonment this bill has to be granted in by the Senate…the Senate consists of (dems and reps correct) yet they all keep extending the vote, both sides…why
    they have to ok this bill Into law because government abandon their position when you read the litigation.
    but they wont…. this bill makes you free from corporation status…these rat senators won't even recognize it because it will show who really controls you and what the entity U.S is and who truly controls the U.S.
    just as you're a a corporation
    better do your research goyim
    once you undertsnad the black sun/black cube of saturn occult runs the planet your on track to waking up. until then you slaves don't know your role and have not done your homework…and it shows

  5. You people won’t say a word about Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon being accused sexual harassment And you let a man who on zoom master bated on call it’s like WTH now you say bullshit about Covid vaccine? I don’t believe anything y’all say

  6. “Why do we keep testing people with no symptoms? What’s the reasoning,” another asked.

    “Why do you people keep getting tested for a virus you’ve been inoculated against?” one user inquired. “Do you get regular Small Pox tests too?”

    “Why are fully vaccinated people with no symptoms testing for Covid. Unless the vaccine doesn’t work then I understand. Maybe that is the problem,” someone remarked.

    “Again, if the shots work, why are we testing vaxxed people?? Still confused…” another said.

    “Darn it! I thought those jabs worked,” one user replied. “Oh I forgot, the v@x doesn’t protect you against catching or spreading it…. Whoa.”

    “Why would someone get tested if they have no symptoms and are vaccinated?” one person remarked.

    “If he is vaccinated and had no symptoms why the hell was he tested,” a commenter asked. “Makes no sense.”

    No, it doesn’t make sense. But it’s not going to stop the media from attempting to whip up hysteria over a ‘fully vaccinated’ notable person testing positive for Covid, especially one that liberals seem to want dead, anyway.

    “Twitter won’t allow me to say what I really want to say without cancelling my account. So, I’ll just leave it to everyone’s imagination,” a ‘classy’ liberal named Dr Antiracist ReproductiveRights ReclaimPatriotism remarked.

    “If ever there was a time and need for a breakthrough case, this is it,” another said.

    “Though rare, fully-vaccinated people sometimes die from covid-19,” a leftist replied. “Perhaps the nation will get lucky.”

    Much like when Donald Trump tested positive for Covid and beat it despite being unvaccinated and in his 70s, many on the left can’t help but wish death upon everyone they disagree with. Covid has revealed one thing: Many leftists are ignorant, spiteful and hateful human beings unworthy to be called Americans.

  7. The first statement Tucker makes is asinine. Everybody who lives and goes to school in America has to be vaccinated for measles,mumps,chicken pox,rubella,tetanus,etc. So he is lying. These vaccines are administered for the good of society.

  8. Tucker is right about force injecting drugs on people that don't want them it's crazy this is where we are at in the USA. Biden flat out lied and said he would not mandate the vaccine before the election and the polls show just on that one lie over 10 million would not have voted for him not to mention all the other disasters he's created since taking office.

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