US strike wipe out Kabul family, brother says | Afghanistan | Latest World English News | WION News

US strike wipe out Kabul family, brother says | Afghanistan | Latest World English News | WION News

48 hours before the 31st of August deadlines the Americans conducted yet another strike in Kabul. Now this claimed the Americans was in retaliation to the 26th of august suicide bombing at the Kabul International Airport that resulted in the killing of over 200 of Afghan nationals and about 13 American service personnel.

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  1. Remember the illegal invasion of Iraq?
    Indiscriminate bombing by the US resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent women and children.
    The US whitewashed it as "collateral damage"

  2. I am sorry about their loss, god bless them. I hope this family get justice and human rights and international community help them and sue US government
    They need to go to a safer country
    Biden destroyed Afghanistan lives

  3. That person or informant , who gave the co ordination for the drone attack is guilty ,and USA should share the source of info with the world community ,, and take care of the upbrings or compensate the family .. very sad if they got an innocent person

  4. "No other military works harder than we do to prevent civilian casualties." – Doesn't mean you do a good job of it. The only way to prevent innocent people from dying is to not go to war in the first place!

  5. Taliban attacked the Afghan people at the airport with a huge bomb, dozens killed, they blamed ISIS-K, America knew that very well but do not want to admit it as this will destroy Biden because 13 American soldiers died in this blast and it was the U.S who done a deal with Taliban, so to make people think it was really ISIS-K behind the bombing U.S bomb an innocent family saying it took revenge for the killing of 13 American service men and women. If U.S knew so much about ISIS-K then why they didn’t bomb the people who bombed the airport?

  6. No, WION, you're incorrect. The onus should not be on the Taliban to prove they were innocent civilians, the onus should be on the GD Pentagon! The responsibility for proving that basis for that drone strike rests squarely on the military's shoulders.

  7. Casualties of this nature could have been avoided if Biden did a thorough and careful evacuation of civilians before the Taliban acted like animals in search of prey. Imagine the Taliban started moving on the 15th of August and Biden and all his cabinet have the audacity to go on holiday. No sense of urgency at all, and insensitivity to the situation that is about to blow on their faces.

  8. Ya Allah all 75 years is USA killing wrong people's, USA must kill their own crimes what they do to other weak,innocent people's and Atom Bomb, bombed, destroying, killing, occupation, annexation, captured, pressure and whatever ,frees Allah hu SWT

  9. What do you expect when the us military motto is… Kill em all let God sort em out … British military should've stayed that way only the guilty pay for their crimes no collateral damage from UK forces . that's why we are and will always be the best