Gravitas LIVE |Americans bend to the will of Taliban, Troops have 7 days to evacuate all Afghans

Gravitas LIVE |Americans bend to the will of Taliban, Troops have 7 days to evacuate all Afghans

West races to meet Taliban deadline

Taliban politics in Kerala

The return of the Lal Masjid

American v.p’s flop “democracy tour” hit by Havana Syndrome

#Gravitas #Taliban #SaveAfghanWomen

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  1. No similarity between Vietnam and Afghanistan The DNAs are totally different. The Japanese have learned their lesson. The level of self-control of the Koreans is high.The prizes of American democracy, of Indian democracy and of non-democracies are on the table for us to see……..if we want to see. Man schemes and plans but it's the creator who decides. If only we can lower our gaze a bit just like the Japanese.

  2. Do not invade or impede the trade of any country no matter how backward you think that this country is. You do not have a right to impose your standards on other lands. America is the most racist country on Earth. America is looking for followers not leaders. America is a giant ass Ponzi scheme. Invading countries and spreading freedom and Democracy is a total scam. The United States have the entire world ringed with military bases and sends their agents to foreign lands to commit acts of terrorism. America is a terrorist country so are the British.

  3. in denmark where im from, there so far has been 3 deported fellon gang members, who was sent back to afghanistan for doing alot of crime here, who now has got back here on flights, claiming to be theyre brother or other familly members here, so now we cant send them back and they most likely will cost us milions in velfare, make new crime here and they worsen the cases for other refugees coming here, .
    all because they just trow people on the planes here without checking them.
    so far 1000 afghan people has been brought out, so its a small procent, and the rest im sure are good people, but its still worth to mention..

  4. The usa scientists researched on creating a new virus or desease so to create a as gene function.. obama stopped the program but allowed it if done in other countries.. dr. Berret their top scientists collaborated with chinese bat woman scientists to do research and finance by usa. and France build the wuhan an public interview the chinese wuhan director that they dont have experienced in this advance virology program… like a child given a match or gun accident will happened.. since china china is so eager to learn new things they spy and die to get new technology..this program is heavenly blessings for them.. no need to spy and copy.. for me this is western covert action to attack china.. remember the attacked china in every angle…by simple probability china with no experienced in advance research will commit great errors.. that by such errors this killer virus will attack the whole china in short time. Just like the British brought opium to china in 1800..however when this disaster occur china was to control it by massive lockdown and pipe preparations and building 2000 beds hospital in 20 days.. but the USA and others failed politically to respond the outbreak. So it boomerang them..china must have realized the purpose of france and usa for their initial support of this advance research….

  5. To help Jesus listeners pray, Jesus provides a model prayers that includes seven petitions. The first three rightly give recognition to God's sovereignty n his purpose. They r requests for God's name to b sanctified, his Kingdom to come, n his will to b done. The remaining four r personal requests, namely, for daily food, for forgiveness of sins, not to b delivered from the wicked one. For God knoweth what things he have need of, Pray Matthew 6 : 9 – 15

  6. If you think our troops should stay in afghan and die, you go there then. The Muslim countries did this to themselves. Everywhere there is Islam, there is no peace. They should have outlawed this unpeaceful religion created by the mouth of a fallen angel a long time ago so they wouldn't have this problem.

  7. anjsher, leaders are bunch of thieves and country sellers in the name of religion and ethnicity they want to have power in every regime to steal and fill their pockets.
    We are tired of Panjsher thieves.
    We need Talibs to free AFG pple from these criminal warlords hostage.