8 Dog Videos That Will Melt Your Heart!

8 Dog Videos That Will Melt Your Heart!

These are positively the sweetest and most heart warming videos you’ll ever see.
Alpha Paw gives you the best tips, tricks, and treat recommendations to help you give your best friend the happy and healthy life that they deserve. We share the latest dog news, expert advice, product recommendations, and feel-good stories to support you along your pet parenthood journey…and get your pup’s tail wagging!

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  1. Here is some advice on how YouTube works, because I don't think you guys understand this. When you build an audience about (for example) watches and generate over 2 million subscribers you don't change the channels direction to rocks, the difference between watches and rocks is obvious. Changing a channels subject doesn't work without a fanbase, channels like this NEVER had a fanbase, you are dependent on the algorithm, feed the algorithm.

    Now, Alpha Paw, your channel, is in a bad place and if you want to really make money with this channel you do following:
    1. The hot lady needs to make her own channel for the alpha paw brand.

    2. Making the old videos on alpha paw, like top 10 videos is the ONLY chance you have. The problem here is that I don't think this will work either. Because of all the videos about dogs, youtube thinks the channel is "worthless". Essentially it means that it would be smarter to open a new channel, hire someone who does heavy keyword research and hire 3 people writing scripts, a voice over artist and a editor. Depending who you can find the channel costs between 3-6k USD per month.

    I hope that helped you a bit on the channels direction, I only found this channel because I do keyword research myself and hire people to do the rest. And it worked for me.

    Positive: Starting from scratch seems like a step back, but it isn't. I think that you are burned out and disappointed about the channel and the place where it's at, but starting a new channel is much easier than growing alpha paw. The reason for that is that the more subscribers you have (without a fanbase) the more you need to satisfy people, if you have a channel with a lot of subs and either take a break or upload completely other videos, the channel/ the videos will not be shown to subscribers or be advertised on the homepage/suggested parts on yt.

    Hope that helped a bit.