America Unearthed: Tracking Down Bigfoot in Minnesota (S3, E11) | Full Episode | History

America Unearthed: Tracking Down Bigfoot in Minnesota (S3, E11) | Full Episode | History 1

Scott Wolter does not believe in Bigfoot–but he sure hears about it a lot. That’s because the earliest Bigfoot sightings were supposedly recorded in–guess what? Rocks. Find out more in Season 3, Episode 11, “Tracking Bigfoot.” #AmericaUnearthed
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In “America Unearthed,” host Scott Wolter uses hard science and intuitive theories to explain the most mysterious artifacts and sites in America.

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  1. I've never seen anything like that traveling through the redwoods in northern California, but I have heard what sounds almost exactly like a gibbon on several different occasions. At the time I just figured that someone let their pet gibbons free.

  2. It’s interesting scientists always think “stories” are nonsense and not to be taken seriously if they interfere with the scientists narrow biased belief systems. Look, if you have thousands of people all over the world seeing basically the same thing its a safe bet that these stories are mostly true. Now if the stories were are all wild imaginations, hallucinations and liars the stories would be all over the place but they’re not they all describe basically the same thing.

  3. A lot of Sasquatch testimonials says that it had a K-9 looking head and an appearance of a demon. Nothing like an ape. Another take on what others have seen.

  4. I find it odd that one of your guests said that Big Foot had a pointy head. Yet, when you didn't believe the man in Tibet that his 500 year old scalp is real, BUT IT HAD A CONE HEAD!! What species do you know with that?? Nothing I've ever seen outside of SNL. You didn't mention that at all. I find it hard to miss.

  5. We, my friends and family, have a large hunting camp. We run motion activated cameras 24/7 all year. So does most of the other camps in the area. I would have to imagine its like that in a lot of wilderness areas. We have pictures of some truly amazing things but no picture's of Bigfoot. Seems unlikely that Bigfoot could exist without ever coming in contact with a camera or even someone with a smart phone.

  6. 'You want to see the bones?'


    'Come, I'll show them to you.' A huge pile of rocks.

    Also Big Footers: you want the real evidence? Look at the Moon, that is where Natives say they came from.

    THERE IS NONE, NADA, ZERO EVIDENCE FOR BIG FOOT. All collected mythical, fantasy traditional stories. Footprints, hair, bones, teeth, etc., everyone knows it's all fake. What you want and wish to believe is not reality.

  7. In June 2014, I heard distinct tree knocking in the forest south of Hood River, Oregon. There was a series of knocks. 3, then 4, then 6 and finally 8 and were about 10 seconds apart. The set of 6 knocks were further distant than the others which made me think, "it" was traveling. The 8 set was faint and the wind and creek made it difficult to hear. I know deer, bear and elk do not do that. I ruled out kids or drunk hunters as it was around 4am and the forest service road was blocked by snow. I was the only one there.

  8. I wouldn't doubt these wild fires (2021) are related to either flushing out Bigfoot, killing it, or whatever, because all these fires make no sense, especially if we can manipulate the weather (cloud seeding) yet no one is making it rain to stop these wild fires.

  9. Why bother doing a video/research if the only way you're gonna be convinced is if you see an actual body!?? Defeats the purpose of doing this video. So glad I fast fwd towards the ending

  10. This intro is terrible. I love watching Bigfoot videos but the interaction between these two individuals is so scripted it's ridiculous. Whether or not actually happened before the interview is one thing but definitely two people interacting on pre rehearsed script before it was recorded.