How Solar Panels Are Made

How Solar Panels Are Made

Gigawatts upon gigawatts of clean, green solar capacity is being churned out by high-tech factories all around the world. But how are solar panels actually made? Join us now on a sun-seeking sojourn as we look inside a solar panel factory.


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  1. I support alternative energy like this but some important drawback need attention but I am glad India is building its own manufacturing to avoid China and not rely on "western" countries.
    The first drawback is huge land area required for solar and I prefer to put on building rooftops to use that otherwise unused space. The second is the need to store the energy to use at night and during cloudy days. The third is minimizing fossil energy consumption during manufacturing phase. The 4th is older technology with wiring on top of the cell should be redesigned to the bottom of the cell like SunPower USA does it to maximize efficiency.

  2. Is Narendra Modi a nationalist? Sounds like he's putting India first, with all that self-sufficient India talk. I heard someone else say something similar to that and they called him raciest. (Trump) But I digress. I think every nation that has the means to do it, should be self-sufficient.

  3. Do you know when the megafactory in Lathrop, California is supposed to be completed? Megapacks should reach 14,000 when the factory is at capacity? $14 billion in revenue/year.

  4. It takes way to much energy and resources for a 100 watt solar panel. A microwave uses 1200-1500 watts when used.
    So, you’ll need about 230 billion solar panels just to run basic utilities. The earth would hallowed out like the moon if we continue to follow this process.

  5. At 1:37 an explanation of how the bar is sliced into wafers is omitted. When the bar is cut into wafers, 50% of the bar is turned into useless dust. That's a great deal waste considering all the energy it took to fashion the silica quartz by process of heating the elements into a usable product. The quartz and carbon are heated by fuel and coal firing processes which produce pollution emissions. Might as well just used that energy for steam turbines.

  6. I love how all these "green" morons dance around one single issue… Silica requires (at minimum) 1800 degrees to melt down to a point of effective use. This video states that this factory heats to 2000. Would you like to take a guess what FUEL SOURCE they use (one of VERY few sources capable of reaching that temperature) in order to reach that temperature:
    These hypocrites use their number 1 targeted energy source for destruction as the only viable means of producing the very material with which they intend to REPLACE it. Thus, they're NEVER going to "phase out" coal… They just won't tell you that part, because it exposes their hypocrisy and dishonesty.
    Without even STARTING the conversation of the life span of a solar panel or wind turbine… Without even MENTIONING the number of birds killed (every year) by wind turbines… Without even CONSIDERING what to do with the wind turbines that have to be REPLACED every 15-20 years… Before you even THINK about the concrete, steel, and cost of construction… Before you even ARRIVE at the point of how to store the energy for these systems…
    Ask just one question:
    How much COAL has to be burned in order to create the "planet-saving" solar panels?
    You're being told LIES by the greedy (yes, I said, "greedy.") "renewable energy" companies, and you granola-munching, Birkenstock-wearing, patchouli-stinking morons just parrot right along, regurgitating the "facts" and "statistics" that motivate people, EMOTIONALLY to follow your dishonest virtue signaling pied pipers…
    Wake up, America. The ONLY viable energy source for replacing fossil fuels is also the CLEANEST and the SAFEST of all:
    Until the window-lickers touting wind and solar without actual, accurate facts have been exposed, we're going to continue having our lives and incomes drained by even BIGGER frauds and liars that petroleum company executives have ever even aspired to becoming…

  7. No real mention of the chemical cleaning steps which usually involve Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Ammonia Hydroxide and Sulphuric acid among other chemicals. In countries like China who produce vast amounts of solar panels for the western market, these chemicals are often dumped into rivers and landfills. They also use vast amounts of water in the process which becomes contaminated and is also dumped into local locals.

    Such an environmentally responsible technology 🙂

  8. They fail to mention that the silica is mined; you can’t use sand from the beach or desert. And that source of carbon? Coal. That’s right. Coal.