How Strong are RED HOT STEEL tubes? Hydraulic Press test!

How Strong are RED HOT STEEL tubes? Hydraulic Press test!

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  1. I'm wondering if these tests are flawed in that the ends of the pipe are not held rigidly. I can't help but wonder if this would change the flex characteristics of the pipe and, ultimately, the test result.

  2. Just my opinion, maybe test 3 identical pieces of square tube, one as bought, one heated, and one heated and allowed to cool. Without getting super technical, heating and allowing to cool will change the strength.

  3. NOW here was the steel made?? Here in Oz there is a good deal of difference from local to imported. And the imported is not so nice to weld either.
    That 50×75 is what I build car trailers from. Cheap stuff cracks good stuff works fine.

  4. I would like to see the experiment where you are trying to compress the water since it is so hard to compress and it does compress only 3% under a lot of force…

  5. Thank you for that test: i had doubts if 45x25x2mm aluminium beams would be strong enough to hold 3 2x1m solar panels on the roof of my camper, it looks like i will be fine.

    It would be nice to test the strength of a bolted alu-steel connection with M8 nuts and bolts, with varying washer sizes (optional), and in shearing or traction (most interesting) and see what fails first. Optionally add a mix of loose bolt, properly torqued, and over-torqued. Then add a dent in the aluminium beam and check if under extreme stress that dent could become the start of a bigger crack.

  6. Can you xray materials or use electron microscope on materials at different pressures to see what is happening to the structure under specific pressures. Before breaking of course to not damage equipment. I would check at standard atmospheric room pressure then add some pressure take another snapshot and add some more pressure but don't go all the way until breaking. You could just check multiple pieces of the same materials like metals and glass first to get a good general idea on what pressure to not exceed. I believe this will give us a good idea about what the structure is doing at the very tiny scale before anything breaks. I know what we can't do is see how atoms are spreading apart or being squeeze something i would like even more.

  7. If you can get a proper forge, you can get steel rebar red hot and it can be bent in circles with just a pair of pliers. It doesn't melt, but it takes substantially less force to bend than even one level's worth of pressure, never mind a whole goddamn skyscraper!

  8. The steel supporting tubes changed distance through the session changing the stregth of the tested tubes significantly.
    Next time, try I beams or H beams, they should have many times the strength of the tubes.

  9. What, steel weakens when it gets hot? But, but, isn't 911 an inside job because jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel? That's what CT dimwits keep yammering on about like it's a meaningful argument, anyway. But it doesn't actually need to melt in order to collapse a large structure? So, they are wrong then?? Gee, what a shocker! Who would've ever guessed?

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