Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – September 26th, 2021

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - September 26th, 2021

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) talks about negotiations over President Biden’s spending bill and the collapse of police reform talks. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security, talks to Chuck Todd about the Haitian migrant surge at the border. Bob Woodward, Associate Editor, The Washington Post and Robert Costa, National Political Reporter, The Washington Post, co-authors of “Peril” talk about the last days of the Trump presidency. Amy Walter, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Eddie Glaude, Jr. and Meghan McCain join the Meet the Press roundtable to talk about President Biden’s imperiled agenda.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – September 26th, 2021


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  1. Chuck seems to get nearly every single fkn thing WRONG!!
    Progressives are NOT fighting with "Moderates!" they're fighting with CORRUPT Corporate owned Democrat plants…

  2. Every person in this country has benefited from government programs. Every single one of us. The United States has a long history of investing in the American people because there’s an excellent return on those investments.

    Think about this list: public schools, national parks, social security, financial aid for college, unemployment, the post office, and government backed home loans. If you didn’t directly benefit from one of these programs YET, consider how the government bolstered the financial industry to avoid an economic catastrophe in 2008-09, and I seem to recall the auto industry needed a hand too. And, let’s not forget farm subsidies, disaster relief from FEMA, and of course… infrastructure – the roads, bridges, tunnels, etc… that allow us to move about freely.

    Even staunch Libertarians and conservative republicans have benefited from these resources, and they felt even entitled to the quality of life afforded by these programs, yet they balk at paying for them. (God forbid they improve these services for the next generation — Socialism!) It turns out, it wasn’t the welfare queens that were a drain on this country; it was millions of cynical folks complaining and bemoaning their tragic fate — being born into the richest country in the world — and then refusing to bet that the young people in this country will meet the challenges before them, as long as we afford them a chance.

    Throughout my life, America has invested in me. I was born in poverty in the 1970’s, and my family ate government cheese, lived in Section 8 housing, and used food stamps for groceries. I spent time in foster care, and later, I was disabled in a car accident in 1993. However, the minimum safety net caught me. I went back to college to be retrained. I earned a Master’s Degree, went back to work, and later, started my own business. I even bought a home. These achievements were not easy or free. My point is, there were opportunities for success available, if I worked for them.

    I want future generations to have these opportunities and more, so I’ve been paying (a lot of) taxes for years now in hopes that my son and your children have a chance at a better life; however, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how profoundly the world has changed. Our kids face much bigger problems than we did: climate change is barreling toward us like an out-of-control freight train, changes in technology are creating new challenges at warp speed, ideological divisions are separating us from our next-door neighbors, and inequality has never really been adequately addressed. We need to not only help young people meet the moment, but it is our job, nay it is our responsibility, to help them build back better.

  3. Was going to watch this just to see what inane comments Meghan McCain has to offer. But I know I can depend on Chuck Todd almost never asking an informed follow-up question, especially when someone says something that is patently untrue. Tim Russert must be rolling over in his grave.

  4. They keep on using the word insurrectionists I don’t think they have a clue on what that means it means standing up against your government….WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON WERE INSURRECTIONISTS….

  5. Moderate democrats are just republicans dressed up to look like a democrat, they don't give a crap about the American people who are in need of help, just like the Republican Party!!

  6. Me-again (Meghan) only trusts and quotes polls when they fit her narrative. When a Democrat quotes a poll, she cuts them off:

    Me-again:"Well, back when I worked on my Dad's campaign the polls said….so and so……and they don't count anymore!!"

    Random Democrat: "Well, in 2012 there was a poll that……"

    Me-again: (throws hand in the air, as she clutches her Abraham Lincoln pearls) "Did you not hear me? I, Me-again McCain, the daughter of the great John McCain has spoken! You are wrong….wrong…..wrong!"

    Random Democrat "But….but…."

    Me-again: " Don't you but me! I will poke you in the eye with my Arizona raised, American bred cactus!! All while I use my left hand to eat my Freedom fries. That's right folks…..I said Freedom fries!"

    Random Democrat: : "Nonchalantly sends text to boss asking for the nearest location to exit."

  7. i'd bet trump now wishes he'd stayed in nyk and lived out his life grifting and whoring around and only having to keep one step ahead of the sdny. i'd bet the whole broken craven benighted depraved gqp wishes the same.

  8. If the Democrats are blocked by the Republicans, it will be a powerful message for2022 election vote for us if you want help from your government!!!! Republican message will have to be drown you unworthies, we’re not going to help you, we can only afford to buy guns.

  9. Regardless if biden won, legitimately, does anyone think he should be the leader of the free world and represent the most powerful nation in history?

  10. I don't care of hearing that name Donald Trump. His evil. He's a Fake News President and also former President.And, someone that you won't be able to trust anymore in the white House!! WOW.

  11. I'll say it now ,mr sanders THANK YOU! AND THANK YOU DEMOCRATS!. As you said ,if we lose the investment in our infrastructure it won't be long til the country will not be worth saving. The so called s**t hole countries already are rising up, while we will be rushing down to a new low level. On top of that they are using money gained from the billions squandered by hidding all
    that wealth in their banks.
    Why do they think those republics help the rich white americans,? Its because they want to change places. All they need to do is hit us hard with drug addictions,use our people,our money ,our dysfunctional leaders,who want to go down there and buy all the things they like,including the children. Look at j epstine and his clientele. WAKE UP NOW, FOLKS.

  12. MEET THE LEFT, Thats What this should be, You are about to enter te Twilight Zone !!!!!!!!!!!! Where you pat double or triple for gas, for Milk, for Food, But you think thats GREAT, Because deadly Covid is ok, Just get the shot and you will keep your job, IF not Your a LEOPAR 1111111 Where the government should be able to tell you, Your child must learn your a RACIST, Even if you come from a mixed marriage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. And here's the deal America wants change but for the good not for the worst. And it has been very very bad so far. And they all need their nuts cut off for the damage they've done

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