25 Fallen Internet Heroes

25 Fallen Internet Heroes

Did you know that there are so many fallen internet heroes? While these internet celebrities once dominated social media, the time has come where these mighty internet heroes have fallen. Whether it’s due to death, scandal, or becoming obsolete, these internet heroes have met their match. Who do you think will top the list of these 25 fallen internet heroes?

These social media celebrities were trail blazers, bringing us all you could ask for from any internet celebrity. Amazing prank videos, mind blowing songs, lasers, and hatchet wielding hitchhikers are all par for the course in this list, however you may not know what happened after their rise to fame. Who was kicked off of YouTube to never be heard from again? Where is Mark Zuckerberg on our list? Watch this video and find out! Check out these Fallen Internet Heroes and leave us a comment below letting us know who you think got the short end of the stick and who really deserved what they got.

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While some of our internet heroes are beloved characters who just fell out of the spotlight (like Chewbacca Mom) others took a turn towards the dark side. John Green and Sam Pepper, both YouTubers, fell from grace after accusations of sexual misconduct. Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker was hospitalized after beating his lawyer to death and attempting suicide while Jason Russell was arrested after a naked meltdown due to exhaustion. Batman Bin Suparman lost his following after it was discovered that he was arrested for theft while Marcus Hutchins lost his income after he was arrested for creating a massive computer virus. Sadly, some of the fallen heroes on our list were not lost to scandal but some greater. Edd Gould, a popular animation YouTuber, lost his battle with leukemia while Bento, also known as Keyboard Cat, passed away at nine years old. Curious where Aaron Swartz, Logan Paul, PewDiePie, and Jenni from Jennicam land on our list? Watch these 25 Fallen Internet Heroes and find out!

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  1. Number 2 needs to be clarified better. Facebook actually did it twice once with the president Obama and once with president Trump, however the difference is that after president Obama did this, changes were made by Facebook to not do such a thing. The researcher sold the data to analitica in order to make money which broke the contract between Facebook and himself. now the resarcher is to be criticized. However, this is an active thing that is done between researchers usually to make money on the side so the question isn't so much whether Facebook is in the wrong, but rather the researcher actually is the problem in regards to breaking the terms of contract and ethical points.

  2. you realize that pewdiepie only hired those guys to say that to prove a point that there was something wrong with the internet right? that it was ridiculous that two guys he hired had a channel saying they would do anything for like 15 dollars. also many of the images that the media used were about bits he was doing mocking hate groups. thats why he made a line of merch called Context matters. cause anything taken out of context can sound bad.

  3. I met Ted Williams back in 2014 when he came into my store. He tried distracting everyone with his voice while his female friend attempted to steal from us. Such a stand up character.

  4. That's sad, not everyone sporting a confederate flag is racist. The civil war had nothing to do with racism or slavery. It only became about abolition when Abraham Lincoln convinced his cabinet that they should abolish slavery and that would turn the tide of the war.

  5. Mike from 'List25' and Caitlin from 'Ask a Mortician' are my Internet heroes ( so far), informative, down to earth, funny, intelligent, friendly and crazy, they are my virtual pieces of pocket fluff, meaning that i wish they were my really pieces of pocket fluff so i could put them in my pocket to go where i go lolol but they're online and in a different country so i gotta be satisfied with watching their vids. Thanks for your hard work and uploads guys 🙂

  6. The Trayvon Martin killing WAS justified. He was a thug who thugged the wrong dam person. Everyone said what a good boy he was ,yet he was a trouble maker who didn’t bank on George Zimmerman.

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