Honest Government Ad | AUKUS 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

Honest Government Ad | AUKUS 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 1

The Australien Government has made an ad for its new AUKUS military alliance, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

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🔹 Voice by Lucy
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  1. Hey friends, here's our latest Honest Government Ad. This one was requested by our Patrons. A good topic suggestion, which could turn into a key issue at the coming federal election. I realise there's a wide range of opinions on this issue. I think that's partly because it's a genuinely messy situation. And partly because there's a lot of bullshit flying around *on all sides*. I didn't want to weigh in just to say "China bad!" or "China's done nothing wrong", which seem to be the two opposite extremes of those views. So I tried to provide a synthesis of some sort. I hope you get something out of this perspective. For me it's also been a welcome distraction from writing about climate shitfuckery as we head towards the COP26 climate summit in November. Writing about the Chagos Islands and Guam has reminded how much I miss making "Visit" HGAs. The last one was in 2018! (Visit West Papua). I look forward to making more after the election.

    I'll be back soon with the podcast companion to this HGA

    Till then, take care

  2. 2.26 I am not quite sure about this but i believe that singapore and vietnam are neutral countries, so I don't think either of them will want to lean too much towards certain countries
    but i do know they like to suck on both the united states and china's dick for the sweet juicy money and investments xd

  3. Hey, I watch these and think they are great,….mainly for their comic value…,but also, I'll admit, some objectification…..

    …I'm also more left wing than just about anyone I know, and probably most here……..

    ….but consistent pressure on China by strong regional alliances will mean less than shit.

    Sorry, reality check, nuclear weapons actually make a difference. Having them means you can threaten to use them, which means you get 'sanctioned' at best….if you fail to respond to said allied pressure by your regional neighbours.

    Just look at the Ukrainian clusterfuck happening right now.

    Best thing we can do is tool up so we CAN service, repair, and pen nuclear Submarines. More, non-proliferation is a great thing….. I am all for it…. but only if we can opt out…. we should actually restart our nuclear programe, and make sure we arm those missiles with more nukes than God.

    More, we tested the world first successful SCRAMJET, so we should pour billions in producing at least a couple of thousand scramjet powered, nuclear ICBM's.

    The only thing you pointed out which is right, is we cannot be tied to the US indefinitely for defense.

    We managed too raise an army of almost half a million in WWI, when the population was MUCH smaller…..but even today, with the same recruitment success, we'd be struggling to maintain an army THAT size, yet alone one twice or thrice as big….. yet we kind of need it. We manage to make out own panic fighter, and panic tank in WWII, but entirely dependent on US engines for both, sure we made them here, but only by US grace…..we perhaps COULD make both here again, with domestic technology, but again, only so many, before they became too numerous to maintain long term operations of. It's great the Government left the jump ramp on out Canberra class HLD's, but even if we DO buy two more, with all the fixed wing capabilities retained…. we could not operate more than that, just do not have the infrastructure, even if we could get the supplies and manpower.

    What is the solution?

    Those subs, with actual nuclear strike capabilities can make up for any of the above shortfalls.

    Add a thousand, or even a few hundred, ICBM's, voila.

    We can tell China to stop being cunts and have them take a moment to think about it, we can separate ourselves from total conjunction to the US militarily, and not be worried. We can do almost anything in fact.

    This deal is the first step, or COULD be, in EXACTLY what Australia needs.

    It is not an either or equation, cut middle class welfare, subsidies to the mining sector, private sector funding via tax money, of any kind, trim the fat from the Government and Bureaucracy itself, and you can still have strong Welfare, Disability funding, mental health improvements and robust universal healthcare… AND these.

    Anyone who thinks Australia should not do this is nuts.

  4. After the nature of this video I feel like I'm just going to get bombarded with insults for disagreeing with it (I'm not against it 100%, a lot of what is here is true, but I digress)

    You say that nuclear submarines for Australia would make us a greater target for nukes, how exactly? The submarines do not actually carry nuclear weapons, like you said they are POWERED by nuclear energy, a nuclear power really does not have any reason to nuke another country unless that said nation also has nukes. I also do not really understand why you are defending China here by listing the illegally owned islands by the West, I get that is a social issue and one to be recognised, but it just seems like you are making China seem 'less evil', but then again out of Australia, the UK, US and China which country ran over student protesters with tanks in recent years? I do not think China is a country worthy of defending in any way because of all the human rights abuses committed by such an authoritarian government.

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