Germany's Most Evil General You Never Heard Of – the Death March of 1945

Germany's Most Evil General You Never Heard Of - the Death March of 1945

From 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany set up over 44,000 concentration camps for a wide range of purposes, including forced labor and detention of people thought to be enemies of the Third Reich.

Near the end of the war, as Germany’s military force collapsed before the eyes of the Führer, the Allied troops began to close in on the camps, with the Soviets approaching from the East and the British, French, and Americans from the West.

Consequently, Hitler and his second in command gave SS Generalleutnant Berger Gottlob, one of their most trusted allies, the power to decide what to do with the prisoners.

In what became known as the Long March of 1945, thousands of prisoners of war walked hundreds of miles in harsh weather conditions across European countries to reach Germany before the Allies could free them.

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  1. Nazism is NOT right wing. Right wing ideas are things like personal freedom, individual rights, and limited powers of the government.
    National socialism is simply the other side of the socialist coin. The only real difference between Nazism and communism is how far their focus spreads. Nazis focused on national socialism, communism on international socialism.
    Don’t lump the awesomeness of the right wing in with the evil of the national socialists.

  2. Gottlob Berger was certainly a Nazi but does not merit the reputation as "the most evil general" we never heard of as there were others I cannot name who were more evil but none of us ever heard of them. If I did homework, I could probably dig up a few. Although Berger was a high ranking officer in the SS he made a good argument for his organization of the marches under bitter conditions because it had been ordered by the Führer and required under international law to move all prisoners away from the front lines. He would have signed his own death warrant were he to disregard the order. He was nevertheless sentenced by the American Tribunal to 25 years in prison. What I find less justifiable was how the Clemency Board reduced this to 10 years and then the West German government commuted this to less than two years on the grounds that he helped some relatives of upper class English families and famous celebrities to escape from Colditz POW camp. Thousands died on the forced marches and very many were shot by SS guards but really, 23 years commutation of a 25 years sentence is hard to swallow if not untypical of the West German government in 1951 because a handful of famous or well-connected British POWs were let out of the Officers Camp early. Berger was, after all, from a well-to-do upper middle class family himself. As soon as he was released he began writing Nazi essays. He was the author of "The Subhuman", considered by Nazis as a brilliant treatise on the Russians. He has his admirers today, at least in his opinion of Russian people even if they do not know his name.

  3. "right wing beliefs." – Broohaaahaaahaaa. Fascism, communism, really any authoritarian government or ideology are always left-wing. Always based on absolute control of all human activity. Right-wing ideology is all about individual liberty, exactly how our founding fathers devised the constitution. Really read a book or something.