Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110

Why Japan's Great Pyramid of Giza Can't be Built Until 2110

This is the Shimizu Corporation’s grand plan to build a megacity pyramid.
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Video Title: Why Japan’s Great Pyramid of Giza Can’t be Built Until 2110

“London. October, 1992. A Japanese man entered a government building near Chancery Lane, and made his way up to an office on the first floor. This was the London branch of the UK’s Patent Office. You see, this man was there on behalf of Japan’s renowned Shimizu Corporation – a leading architectural and engineering firm that was (and is) among the top in the world, and he was there to apply for a patent. To secure their ideas globally it was necessary to apply not just in Japan. Now this particular patent was for no ordinary idea. It was for something grand, something spectacular. The idea was to build giant pyramids in the middle of some of the largest and busiest urban centers in the world – starting with Tokyo. These infrastructures would be so large, they could house entire cities. But why? What was this for? And who exactly is the Shimizu Corporation? To understand this, we need to go back in time, back over 200 years ago to the company’s inception…”

Talking Points:
– Shimizu Megacity Pyramid TRY-2004
– Megastructures
– Pyramidal structures
– Japanese architectural & engineering companies
– Kisuke Shimizu
– Edo period
– Japan’s population decline
– Tokyo’s overpopulation & overcrowding
– Large scale construction projects
– Floating cities, underwater cities, space hotels
– Blade Runner (Tyrell Corporation headquarters pyramid)
– Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza
– Burj Khalifa & Jeddah Tower
– 2 kilometer high building
– Tokyo Bay
– Megatrusses & suspended skyscrapers
– Renewable energy of solar, wind, algae & waves
– Japanese earthquakes & tsunamis
– Pacific Ring of Fire
– X-Seed 4000 (Taisei Corporation)
– Mega-City Pyramids in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi & Dhaka
– Largest man-made structure in history
– Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City


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  1. I think construction of these building is not a good idea, construction of these massive buildings can shift the weight of different places and could be unstable. This could even cause massive… I mean a MASSIVE disaster. According to me construction of REALLY big buildings is not a sustainable Idea.

  2. It's stupid, but this video plummeted me into an existential crisis of sorts. That moment I realized I wouldn't be alive to see this and many more incredible things in the future. That revelation that 'damn, I really do have only one life and it's already passing by with me just wasting it inside my room and not even appreciating the world I live in.'

  3. Ahh yes in this climate change we need to work on some architectural wonder and not on how to save humanity. Forget about its completion we might not even have enough resources left to even live a normal life

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