I ruined War Thunder & The Final Tutorial Of My Life (War Thunder)

I ruined War Thunder & The Final Tutorial Of My Life (War Thunder)

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I ruined War Thunder & The Final Tutorial Of My Life (War Thunder)

✈▼My Setup ▼✈ Link to the build – https://youtu.be/f0V7-z0BVT0
●CPU: https://amzn.to/3mHXi1N
●GPU: https://amzn.to/3i0Wi5q
●MOBO: https://amzn.to/2FRqC5h
●RAM: https://amzn.to/3iXCeSz
●M.2 NVMe Storage : https://amzn.to/3iV6tcU
●SSD: https://amzn.to/32QINRc


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  1. Just released, ' ground breaking' update with a CAT tech tree. Thoughts on how you think it's going to go? I thing there's going to be a lot of trolling and bugs; ultimately making people frustrated… like anyways

  2. Phly: Says there's not too much longer until he becomes the villain
    Also Phly 3 seconds later: shows wholesome video of making his infant son laughing and talking about how he can't wait to hear more of his voice
    Me: You bastard, it's already too late

  3. Yeah there are pages like skinbaron or bitskin for csgo, they basicly act like a middle man for skin trading. but there you can sell for Real money and withdraw it.

  4. I actually like the crafting events in War Thunder, the only thing I just wish that almost half of the items you need to build wasn't just in the marketplace, if I could do battles and farm it, that would be better. It would encourage more to do battles since your farming for something special, but nope…of course the Marketplace was born and it ruined crafting events forever lol.

    I think the reason people hate crafting events whenever they pop up is because majority of the important items are locked behind a paywall aka the Marketplace, so you can't exactly blame the communities outrage or dread every time a new crafting event comes out lol. Like at least have another way to get them, I think if they had a system of spend money and grinding it through battles (and make the drops reasonable) I don't think people would be as annoyed today. Also the nostalgia seeing your old videos again, Phly and The Mighty Jingles were the two I watched the most before War Thunder had ground vehicles and seeing that old video brings back memories haha. Now I feel old lol.

    Also congratulations to your family and ye Phly! He's gonna grow up to be just like our good ol' Phly I can already tell! Just all of that excitement like you have hehe. o7

  5. Oh the torture!, please gaijin can you make a separate marketplace app for console ?….will that work.?Its been so long and it’s excruciating being left out of this part of the game.

  6. I think to make actual profit off of CSGO you'd have to sell to real people, not through the game or steam, which is when people got scammed as far as i'm concerned.

    Also the other scam came with the gambling websites, which yes Syndicate and TmrTn2 were a part of.
    For some reason they are still on youtube, I don't know how they aren't even in jail.

  7. As someone who spends most of their time these days in custom battles, I approve of your idea. I enjoy just flying vehicles or driving tanks without the pressure of winning anything. A shame Gaijin will never allow you to advance or earn anything in customs, as I think it could give a new lease of life into the game.

  8. "we are not greedy bastards"

    Yes you are Gaijin, you have a decent game despite you trying to do EVERYTHING to suck money out of the players.

    The game could be great if you tried to hard to get inside peoples wallet.

  9. If you are a skin creator with skins from WTlive being featured as a in game skin dropped from crates you get gaijin coins every time that crate is opened. Because of that they can withdraw gaijin coins for EUR. So, simple.
    Step 1: Become skin creator
    Step 2: Obtain and sell rare event vehicle
    Step 3: ??????
    Step 4: profit

  10. ill one better you and say that the rare vehicles could be used in a pve mode against ai targets that earns you SL and RP. they could charge real money for that and it would be like adding a completely unique premium on the marketplace or premium store.

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