Iraqi election marred by record low voter turnout of 41% | DW News

Iraqi election marred by record low voter turnout of 41% | DW News

In Iraq, parliamentary election results are due after what officials said could be a record-low turnout of just over 40 percent. This election follows public pressure to hold the vote early. Calls for reform have been growing since a violent crackdown on anti-government protests two years ago. Many Iraqis believe this election may be more for show, than real change.
It may seem counterintuitive – but many of those eager for political change see the low turnout as good news. Activists had called for a boycott of the election. They feel that most of the candidates are just more of the same old political class whose nepotism and mismanagement have driven the country to ruin.
Despite Iraq’s great oil wealth, its cities are crumbling. Infrastructure is in disrepair. Jobs and public services are hard to come by.
Not everyone saw the boycott as a solution, but it’s clear that by abstaining, many wanted to send a message to politicians. Still, few believe the incoming parliament will be interested in listening.


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  1. Actually the question for dw reporter is spot on.He ask why there is such a low turnout? He thinks that by becoming a democratize country,Iraqis Will be more excited to come to general election

  2. Unfortunately, there will be no real change at all! The same faces will be recycled! As far as the education is very poor, there will no well educated voters! Corruption is rampant! The rich parties can buy the votes! The international community should act to tell corrupted so called parliamentarians and future government, that there is a clear difference between support fair elections, and give legitimacy to unfair elections! There should be no shy or double standard behavior! Otherwise, the international community is risking to creat another crisis, because the main reason for extremism is still there in Iraq , in the feelings of marginalization! There’s a real danger in Iraq ! Be aware!

  3. DW, why don't you produce a story on extrajudicial killings, unlawful imprisonment, kidnappings and torture practiced by the new "democratic" government in Iraq?

  4. In a normal democracy. If you do not vote, then you have surrendered your vote to a candidate you dislike, and therefore should not complain. In a dictatorship, plutocracy or oligarchy, voting makes no difference and in many cases your vote can be used against you. Therefor not voting is your only option untill a real democracy is established by government reform or revolution