US Senators grill Pentagon leaders on Afghan pullout | Latest English News | WION World News

US Senators grill Pentagon leaders on Afghan pullout | Latest English News | WION World News

Pentagon’s most senior leadership testified before Congress about the US military’s chaotic withdrawal from the war-torn country last month. WION’s Susan Tehrani brings you more on this.

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  1. These honorable military leaders are working under extreme pressure from the Biden Administration.Their testimonies are influenced by direct political orders whether legal or not by the Biden administration. They are only trying to survive and most likely they have been instructed to not list their true recommendations to keep a military contingency present .

  2. The US created Pakistan in the post WW2 era to prevent the possibility of a large United India to align with the Soviets.

    Also, the US likes Pakistan for its excellent geo-strategic location. The US gets a base to have strategic options against Central Asia (Russia), China, Iran, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan itself.

    And above all, the US can take Pakistan on rent for a few billion dollars in the form of CSF, US Aid, IMF loans, etc.

    On the long term strategic chessboard, the US views India as a superpower and a tough competitor. As such, the US would like to slow India’s growth and influence. Furthermore, the US would like to use Pakistan as a leverage, while dealing with India, as long as it is possible.

    If Pakistan is dismembered into peaceful countries such as Balochistan, Sindhudesh etc, then these countries would not let the US have its way so easily. In fact, these countries would be pro-India, and the US would lose so many of its geo-strategic advantages.

    Last but not the least, the India-Pakistan conflict provides the US military-industrial complex the opportunity to earn billions of dollars a year. The US sells military equipment to both Pakistan and India. For instance, from F16s to Pakistan to C130 Globemasters to India, and to bullets to both the countries. Once Pakistan is dismembered, the US would bleed hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

    That’s why the US ignores the nastiest of Pakistani actions against America itself, India, Afghanistan and the world. Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan, and that too just 800 meters away from the Pakistani Army Cantonment, for crying out loud.

    The US foreign policy principle of “There are no permanent friends, there are no permanent enemies, there are only permanent opportunities” is the biggest threat to world peace. Yes, even bigger than Terrorism and CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

  3. So Biden lied … Biden is a politician…politician lie.
    In the war in Afghanistan,  America was humiliated.  We lost not only  billions in weaponry, but also prestige in the world , and worse of all, our  children!
    As for the Taliban, all they won was a country in ruins.
    Talibanistan was a foregone  conclusion. America  hasn't won a war since WW2.
    In addition to this unparalleled  loosing streak,  the USA's government  is completely bereft of any moral rectitude as is made apparent by its constant invasion of other soveign  nations and the killing of their innocent citizens.
    The US, consequently, lacks the moral authority  to wag  its  ifnger at other  countries  and preach about human rights abuses! 
    This complete lack of any moral rectitude is made particularly  obvious by  the  little known  atrocities  committed  by the US government  upon its own citizens.
    I will  support this above allegation  using a banal but very telling example.

    Please recall the ominous threat which Ms. Susan Rice  (the former National Security  Advisor under President  Barrack Hussein Obama,   and presently an appointee within the Biden  administration) made to the artist   Snoop Dogg.

    'Snoop back the  * off. You come for  @ Gayle King,  you come against an army.  You will lose and it won't be pretty.'

    Miss  Rice was speaking literally and not figuratively. She was openly referring to the targeted individuals program.
    You must understand four things before I turn to Miss Rice's public, open,  and obvious threat.

    A.  The Pentagon is missing 21 ( TWENTY-ONE) TRILLION dollars from its massive budget.  (It is safe to say that a large portion of this missing money goes to fund this highly individualized Targeted Individuals Program.)

    B.   Vice  President Kamala Harris was a sitting member of the Homeland Security Committee,  The  Governmental Affairs Committee, as well as The Senate Select Committee on intelligence , as a result Harris was, in all probability, well aware of the  Crimes  Against  Humanity being perpetrated against everyday, innocent Americans.
    If she had this knowledge and she,  and her Senate colleagues,  failed  to raise an alarm, given the severity of the crimes,, and given that she took an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, then she and those sitting on these committees  are complicit.

    C.  It  is also of paramount importance to understand that the CIA / DOD habitually and deliberately insert elements into the Targeted  Individuals  Program which actually mimic a psychosis.  Adding these elements guarantees that the Target will not be believed.

    D.  Most of the chemical /biological weaponry  tested upon, and  which are used for torture upon, Targeted  Individuals were most likely produced by the CIA /DoD bio lab at Fort Detrick. ( Some videos concerning Fort Detrick's bio lab remain on YouTube, but most have been scrubbed by the government..)

    Let  us  now return to Miss  Rice and her threat against Snoop Dogg.
    The former National Security Advisor categorically stated that  Snoop would be coming against an army .

    The USA has well over 800 military bases. Over 500 of these bases are located outside of the USA  … even in Africa  …AFRICA!
    Everywhere these military bases are located reports arise of 5G electromagnetic torture. …Directed Energy attacks.
    From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA,  the precise  same  reports  of EM torture.
    ( In case you're unaware that 5G electromagnetic weapons exist, search under  ADS (Active Denial  System), you will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which  shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation.
    If this  government siite has been scrubbed, you can still find videos of this equipment  on mainstream media  outlets.
    There is also information  on Direct Energy Weapons on Forces News on YouTube.  One video is  entitled,  "Britain's  Laser Weapons Move."   The Government official in this video states that the USA is already in possession of these directed  energy weapons. ")

    Please note that the official government video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exist. Absolutely false!
    Handheld 5G  EM weaponry has existed for at least three decades.
    There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man's front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. The power and range of this miniature gun can cause heart arrhythmia in the Target and consequently death is a possibility. This method is used to publicly execute a Target and have the death appear to be from medical causes rather than a CIA/DoD hit.
    Another rather ingenious assassination technique which has been developed by the CIA DOD is food  suffocation.
    The food or drink of the Target is contaminated using a biological /chemical agent. Upon consuming this agent the Target's throat immediately tightly swells up.  Food is trapped in the throat passage -way and he victim is unable to breathe.
    The offending biological/chemical agent disappears from the victim's system within minutes.
    Once again, we see a gendre of assassination which gives a false impression that the victim was not murdered,  but  rather died due to an unhappy set of circumstances.
    (As an aside the CIA/DoD scientists had  perfected by the 1960s an extremely  virulent cancer which is many times (but not solely) used to produce throat cancer in  its victims .)
    All chemical and biological assassination methods are perfected using none volunteer subjects .. Targeted  Individuals.  (After many practice killings, the CIA /DOD determined that the best assassins were 23 year old women who had not had children.
    (For more information on C I A/DoD covert EM weaponry read, " Project Soul Catcher " by scientist Robert Duncan who also wrote "How to Tame a Demon."  These books expose a tiny fraction of the CIA/DOD program of targeting and experimentation upon innocent subjects.
    CAUTION:  Mr.  Duncan worked  for the CIA for a period of time.  Consequently, it must be assumed that these books were  vetted by the CIA/DoD before publication.))

    To go forward,  I must now go back a bit.
    Some of you may recall the disinformation apology by former  President  William Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed,  Project MK-Ultra .
    (This apology can  still be found on YouTube.)
    In this CIA/DiD writen speech , President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses, the intensity and horror of the torture, as well as the fact that these practices  are actual  Crimes  Against Humanity.
    I must emphasize that the CIA/DoD ROUTINELY commits  Crimes Against Humanity both  through MK -Ultra as well as its renamed off -shoots.
    Nor did Clinton mention that systematic killing of MK -Ultra victims once they were deemed to be "unnecessary" ( around age thirty for women) was "normal ."

    The President also failed to mention that the CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily  reliant upon  SRA ( Satanic Ritual Abuse ) to achieve their trauma-based mind control objectives.  ( The YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett a SRA Survivor who , as a small child,  was sexually  farmed out to President Nixon and the Reverend Billy Graham (amongst many others).
    Fiona was, therefore, a child mind -control victim of the CIA/DoD  sex trafficking operation. (She now receives a pittance in compensation from the Australian government.
    Please take note that the Intelligence Agencies of Australia and the USA have been combined making Australia of vassal state of the USA.  Because Israel is the tail which  wags  it's USA Dog, Australia is,de facto, a vassal state to Israel also.   NATO aligned  Intelligence Services also cooperate in these CIA/DoD Criminal projects which includes:

    1.  Sex trafficking of young victims of both sexes, and children even toddlers of both sexes.
    2.  Organs trafficking .
    3.  Drugs trafficking .
    4.  Weapons trafficking
    Clinton  additionally neglected to mention that the above mentioned  sexual exploitation of and trafficking of women and children is an instrumental  part of these trauma-based mind control projects.  (See the book ,  "The  Trans   Formation  of America,"  by Cathy O'Brien.

    Miss O'Brien is an MK -Ultra Survivor, as is her child who was also sexually trafficked as a toddler (and , as a result of this repeated ,systematic trauma  this child is now permanently institutionalized.))

    President Clinton solemnly promised that project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
    He lied !
    Project MK-Ultra was, in fact,  renamed and expanded.
    One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Indiividuals Program.
    (For more information orn project MK-Ultra,  research, " The Black  Vault," which is the fruit of a crowd-funded  FOIA request.)

    Miss Susan Rice was therefore, in front of the world,  in plain sight, threatening Snoop Dogg with being placed in this Targeted Individuals  Program.

    Sixteen  of the  many  elements of the CIA/DoD Slow -kill  Targeted  Individuals  Program are:
    1.  Being gunned 24/7 with a version of the 5G electromagnetic torture weaponry. 
    (They  place particular importance in targeting the brain, eyes, heart, knees and  genitalia,)
    2.  Being  used as a human Laboratory Test Animal for biological  and chemical weaponry.

  4. The willy nilly withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan appears like a surrender by another name. Especially, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment and arms. Was the Doha Agreement, a US surrender document as evidenced by the fact that the Taliban are not sticking to "Agreement".

  5. US congress should realigned their military budget to free tertiary education and affordable universal health care. Billions of dollars have been spent to wage war and most of the college students are buried in student loans and poor people are dying due to poor access to health care. Where is your Humanity, people? Stop waging war, pls. provide free education and free health care access to your own people. I pity your priorities as a nation.

  6. When you have too much money to spend you eat countries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Trillions of dollars spent on a war resulting in a shameful withdrawal leaving the region more unstable. than ever.