Vaccine skepticism drives up death toll in Bulgaria | COVID-19 Special

Vaccine skepticism drives up death toll in Bulgaria | COVID-19 Special

Only 20% of the Bulgarians are vaccinated. It’s the lowest rate in the EU. Even healthcare workers and doctors refuse to get vaccinated. One of the reasons is a deeply rooted distrust in political institutions. The government is starting a new campaign in hopes of getting vaccination numbers up and infections down.


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  1. Having lived under a communist regime gives you an edge in activating your own, inner, sense of danger. Works in Romania as well in Bulgaria. Corona virus, vaccine, enforced measures, manipulation, lock downs, green pass, media shouting dooming scenarios, not to mention lies upon lies, it is like a toxic package, everything and I mean everything, spells DANGER. Few of us can deal with such a complex info cocktail mixed with real threats and that is the point were instinct kickes in forcing you to stay away from the toxic package as much as possible, may GOD help us all!

  2. Guys, think of Portugal… If you can't find Portugal on your map or you don't know where it is, either Google it or think of Spain….
    We have a very high vaccination rate, everyone is alive and well, our life is going on as usually, we returned to normality and cases are down.
    Just get your shot and get one with your lifes.

  3. We will never be rid of this thing until the world is vaccinated. Even those who have already had it. CoVID is not like other pathogens where a vaccine can confer lifetime immunity. No one knows what the timeline is as to how long it will last. Ask your M.D. to do a titer on you if you have been vaccinated or had the disease. It will come back with a number but there will be no reference range (which tells them if your number is low, normal or high). It is not there yet because scientists don't have enough data to create it.

  4. I'm not a doctor, but according to my calculator, Bulgaria's Covid death rate is about 1000 times higher than New Zealand's rate. In Bulgaria, 24,000 deaths have been recorded, In New Zealand just 28 deaths. New Zealand's government will be opening the country up so yes, mortally will rise, but with 90% vaccinated the death numbers won't be that high. I can understand Bulgarian's fear of the vaccines, they lived in a Communist country for a long time. They are bound to feel a bit suspicious.

  5. I personaly think people should check the background of our country Bulgaria, we are among the highest % vaccinated population in the whole EU that is having mandatory approved and tested vaccines not a vaccine in test phase 3 ( experimental tests on humans ), Bulgarians might not be the brightest but we are definetly not easy to fool, there is no proof those test products have ANY benefit overall. I really like it when EU compares us with any other country in EU, lets have a small chekup, poorest country in EU, minimum wage is only 240 EUR net. Healthcare system that was build mid 60's and never updated afterwards, public healthcare costs 12 EUR per month here, we were and a still are the highest death rate in heart desease in EU, we are at the top of every negative chart in EU, why would anybody expect something else ? However there is a big missunderstanding overall people in Bulgaria are not against vaccines ( as mentioned we are one of the most vaccinated population in EU check stats for that ) we are against being forced to participate in a global test, the current status of all vaccines in the theritory of Bulgaria have a temporary validatation called "in test" and due date to report results for all conducted test with all covid vaccines is by the end of 2023, this is in official documents available to pulbic in Bulgaria. After the conducted tests and results from the covid vaccines the government will evaluate and will decide if it should issue a permanent validation to be used on people. People here are smart enough and responsible enough to take their own decisions based on information they gather, please ask your government to disclose the agreements with EU and all vaccination production comapnies. The current agreement with any vaccination companies are "redacted" to not expose "information" and no one in EU parliament except maybe the head knows what is in the agreement with those private companies. There are leaks of those agreements with Brazil, parts of Africa and other countries especially for Pfizer BionTech the agreements talk about reparations in giving out territories to Pfizer even military bases. In conclusion many have gone through covid here many have died many have sruvived think about the democracy in your countries and how free you truly are because here the 20% vaccinated people were already forced by some means or pure fear without any information given beforehand, the goverment is already talking about making the non vaccinated population limited to even go outside do you think 80% of the population including military, police and even administration would follow those rules or will allow for such rules ? I personally am not against measures such as wearing mask in crawded or closed spaces, conducting PCR tests or antigen tests in order to identify ill people, for the already vaccinated population I wish only good health and they should not worry about the rest 80% as they are already vaccinated and protected, we the rest of the population will survive it as we already did for 2 years