Australia shrugs off Chinese anger on submarine deal | WION Latest News | English News

Australia shrugs off Chinese anger on submarine deal | WION Latest News | English News

Australia shrugged off Chinese anger over its decision to acquire US nuclear-powered submarines. The Australia PM has vowed to defend the rule of law in airspace and waters where Beijing has staked multiple hotly contested claims.

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  1. The US, its allies, and its cononial countries are heading the wrong direction, arm racing. The US is helping non-nuclear powered countries to build nuclear weapons. It has opened a Pandora box. I guess it's not good for humanity if too many countries on this plannet own nuclear weapons. Think about what happened if nuclear weapons wasn't appropriately controlled and owned by terrorists.

  2. Superpower India recently sent 4 massive warships to the disputed areas to show China what India is made up. India is QUAD with real teeth. I am surprised that Australia even contemplates wasting money on new submarines. India alone can defeat China within a week.

  3. China is simply defending its national interest and so should Australia or any other nation for that matter. However, for Australia is to turn its back on its largest trading partner China (which Australia enjoys a trade surplus) while relying on the United States (who just turn its back against the Afghan people) and the UK (who is a declining power situated all the way in far away Europe) is simply foolish. Australia under the Morrison government has put all its eggs in one basket, and it is not a well made basket. I believe New Zealand is taking a far better approach by staying away from the two elephants fighting in the room (China and the United States). What has Australia accomplished? Angered China and France. Jeopardized its large trade surplus with China, jeopardized its trade relations with France and to a larger extend the EU. Made itself a target to be attacked by China conventionally or even by nuclear weapons if China even goes to war with the United States. Is this really in Australia's long term national interest?

  4. There you go again. Nothing important or significant to report about? Why stick to the same
    theme? You people have no real issues to report on? How about the Covid case surge in India?

  5. who give a f.. about China, they have $ and connection they can have that, who cares what China thinks. By the way, England and Australia/Canada are under UK dynasty before. They all speak English, i am not surprised if Australia armed with nuke. Next will be Canada and Japan, lets go ….

  6. France, Peace man, your contract to provide submarine to Australia have to be revised considering the threat of china to bomb Australia anytime, so the need is ASAP while your supply of submarine will be completed in 2035, where Australia may have been bombed or missiled already by china so what is the use??

  7. What will I do when everything burns?

    I buy submarines!

    The case of Australian submarines is exemplary in demonstrating the contempt of rulers for the ruled. Now it's time for the Australians to be treated like sluggards.

    The justifications given by the Australian Prime Minister to the Australians for the deal could be addressed to the kangaroos. A bearded anecdote reminds me: An inspector from the Ministry of Agriculture enters a fenced plot and is intercepted by a worker, who tells him he cannot enter. The inspector shows him the badge and says: With this badge everyone obeys me and no one forbids me! And he entered. After a few minutes the inspector appears running away from a herd of bulls and shouts to the worker: Help! Answer this one: Show them the badge!

    As far as is known in the news, the main threat to Australia is fire and flooding.

    The Australian government decided that what it needed against threats was submarines – Frenchmen with engines or Americans with nuclear generators is indifferent (except for the dealers)!

    So when Australia burns, or drowns, next year, Australians might as well cry out to their ministers: send the submarines over there!

    Californians can also ask their governors to send drones and cruise missiles against the flames that annually consume their forests, homes and property!

    The Chinese are plotted to set fires! And with submarines, flames drown!

    Sá de Miranda had asked in Poetic Anthology: What will I do when everything burns?

    The Australian government, you know: buy submarines! We are governed by people like that. Other rulers make roundabouts. Or obelisks.

  8. Geographically Australia situated in world's eastern sides.
    But this country always willing to make political and trading association with western countries including USA ignoring world leader CHINA.
    Australia should keep in mind that (at present) China is heavy and burdensome country in the world, and defeat (wrestle) are possible not at all.

  9. the peasant dictator WARNING Australia ,such arrogance from the little pig farmer , Australia is a very small player on a very large team ,the CCP is a large player on a very small team ( bought on by the wuhan military virus )

  10. Fifty years from now, if the world still exists, we will remember that sale of nuclear submarines and nuclear warheads as the tipping point for World War III. Thank you USA, thank you Australia for fucking some more shit.

  11. I’m so proud of Australia. She bowels to no one. She’s only protecting her people and her homeland. God bless her. China certainly does that and more besides. Chinese aggressive policy is the only reason Australia moved to obtain her defensive policy of gaining ability to defend herself with the technology only America and The U.K. Can provide and Australia the only Allie that guarantees the technology will stay between the three allies.

  12. West-ROC announced their 003 Aircraft Carrier in 2020.
    Our nuclear-powered submarines are intended to keep those BULLY vessels from coming near to Australian waters.

    AUKUS does not defend stupid "NZ"

  13. the best way to stop this bully is for the free world to ban the import of ALL Chinese goods entering their country its simple no money no weapons' what's worse pay a little extra for your goods or watch the world burn?

  14. India, Aus, USA, Japan, S. Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and ALL regional Countries better understand that Red China is TWO FACED! Australia will get ICBMs, Nuclear Submarines from the USA, Stealth Fighters like the 6 Generation NGAD, and many many more weapons that China and Russia have NEVER seen before. Warhas already arrived and Taiwan is already lost to the NATO Allies!! Time for WAR!

  15. The Democratic Nations don't follow rule of China? Its a Communist have rude of laws to all counties can't be trusted is a evils dictators. Its time to show we don't back down and we rule the world not a dam China?