Gravitas LIVE | Where is Mullah Baradar? A "Brawl" at the presidential palace sparks speculation

Gravitas LIVE | Where is Mullah Baradar? A "Brawl" at the presidential palace sparks speculation

Watch Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay:

– Taliban infighting: where is mullah Baradar?

– Do Pakistan’s Taliban supporters want a Taliban government?

– Ahead of the quad meet, china raises the threat of war

– The general who hid nukes from trump

– “Good morning” messages are clogging the internet

#Taliban #Pakistan #GravitasLIVE

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  1. Hear no evil….we know and we recognize the voice of evil its almost on mr trump's mouth…just like the sound of the trumpet…. we are save by bell…thank god and bless that general…hahaha

  2. If the United States of America is in your country you have resources that they want they don't give a damn about the American people all they care about is money and they'll go around the world to get it their karma is going to kick their ass

  3. A religion that hunts down & stabs an innocent, helpless animal to death? So they didnt learn that all life is precious? What kind of savages get pleasure from killing by stabbing innocent animals to death? Boycott Faroe islands until this wicked killing spree is stopped.

  4. Hahaha YOUR BAT SHIT CRAZE GIRL!! why do you think Americans have never acknowledged Pakistan role in this ?? Wake up ….they ARE THE ROLE lol everything was done through there going back to the Bush regime and further lmao . Osama bin laden (alive in Argentina) and Bush were best buds . Pakistan and America undercover allies aswell. Dosent look good for India going forward.

  5. My aunt had 9 souls taken from her at the mayo clinic and they were put on an airplane headed for Asia but miraculously the jumbo jet blew up over the Pacific Ocean.. Her last name was Lehman….a week later Lehman brothers went under… Do you think there was a correlation?

  6. Hey Gravita, your hypocrisy is more clear, you talk first about occupied Kashmir, then talk about Hindutva radicalization of whole India, then talk about killer Modi why did he kill so many Muslims in Gujrat, then talk about Babri mosque.
    You are a hypocrites, hypocrites hypocrites

  7. yg juga yaitu Si Mullah Baradai Taliban Alqaeda, CS., yg juga sedang berada nya tsb yg juga di Markas Uni Soviet Taliban Afghanistan yg juga di halaman luar nya tsb yg juga sedang membuat bom yg juga sudah 70 bom nya tsb juga sajah

  8. Palki, I enjoy listening to you, but that reporter of yours with a singsong pretentious delivery drives me nuts. Please make his presentation sound natural.