How Good Was Elon Musk In School?

How Good Was Elon Musk In School?

Buccaneering billionaire polymath Elon Musk is obviously one smart cookie. So why do his old school friends insist he wasn’t the cleverest kid in class, or that the future Tesla boss was fundamentally “unspectacular” back then?


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How Good Was Elon Musk In School?


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  1. real innovators and inventors do not need school, they learn by themselves and search by themselves, thus everything is on the internet nowadays, now before you hate, THOSE who want to work for someone like Elon need school because they don´t have the balls or whatever it takes. period. CURIOUS people always find a way.

  2. elon musk will be responsible for millions of people that will perish, when he shows everyone that we're trapped here on earth. the first mission to send people to mars will end once the crew leaves the electric field of the earth and their organs stop working. this is why he was bullied to stop his fate, but it doesn't seem to have stopped him. once people realize they are trapped here on earth cause of elon musks mars missions, then total societal break down will occur.

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  4. If only you know what the future says, you'll know that indeed cryptocurrency is the future, investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do. Hold!!! And you"'ll thank yourself

  5. You didn’t mention his time at the university of Toronto or Penn. And he was also accepted into Stanford’s physics PHD program for material science so he obviously applied himself in college.

  6. What they forgot to mention or maybe even don't know… In the Southern Hemisphere the school year is the same as a calendar year, it starts in January and ends in December…

  7. 1:22 my dad has a friend who went to school with Musk 2 years above, and he’s great, but he’s a tough South African guy and recalls being a bully. We have a joke that he’s Elon’s childhood bully

  8. I was like the best at physics having 10A grades, still the teacher gave me a low mark in second semester from frustration that I didn’t went to the olympic contest

  9. I don't really know what exact effects it has on learning and development, but couldn't him having Asperger's and being on the autism spectrum have something to do with Elon lagging behind in school?

  10. I don't think this guy has ever been to countries in the southern hemisphere before. Elon Musk is a winter baby not a summer baby, because he was born in the southern hemisphere

  11. Peers of Einstein and Tesla said the same things about them as well. Look, what they did during their adult years.
    Now, the thing about Einstein, Tesla, and especially Elon is that school to them was probably a complete bore and nuisance to them, meaning school was more than likely not challenging enough for them. Therefore, they would do just enough to get by in their courses and pass them.

    Doing well in school doesn't always mean that you'll be successful in life or be a genius. There are a cubic shit load of well known people who were/are successful in life or were/are considered geniuses, that didn't do particularly well in school.

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