The 25 Worst People Ever

The 25 Worst People Ever

While there are a lot of missing people that haunt the police we could have included on this list, we were limited to only 25 slots. In many cases, our decision was seemingly made for us due to the heinous nature of the individuals’ scary and disturbing crimes that haven’t been solved. Moreover, there seemed to be a general consensus about what constitutes badness in a human. People like Hitler and Stalin are always on these types of lists (yes, they are on ours as well). The real challenge came, however, in determining who was the worst among the worst. Many times the individual’s infamy has become immortalized in legend, even to the point of rewriting history. So, we acknowledge the subjective and controversial nature of such a task and we encourage you to leave your own opinions in the comments below.



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  1. Yeah, the title card has an error at the beginning. "25 Signs You Might Be a Sociopath" is actually a DIFFERENT video on this channel.
    However, if I'm being honest, it kind of works with this video because if somehow you see any similarities between yourself and the people on this list… well, you might be a sociopath at the very least.

  2. That one saint lady that blew up a province with birds after slaughtering an army burying generals alive and locking other officials in a burning building after her husband gets ripped in half.

  3. Himmler wasn’t that bad… there are records of him vomiting and losing his consciousness when watching the executions and violent acts. He wanted nothing to do with it, but he had to.

  4. I think David Duke could be around 25. Not a huge fan of the black people or Jewish people, although I don't think he's personally killed any of them, but he has encouraged many people to do so, which is why he still makes the list but isn't in a lower spot

  5. People responsible for paedophile rings, enslaving children, selling children into the sex trade. Any and all people who play a part in this terrible evil that continues in the world today.

  6. Sorry, I don't agree with many on the list because the reasons were there without loo, I looking, at facts, time frames or situations. The Mongols were murderous; however by wiping out cities that resisted caused more to surrender without loss. Was it nice, no but it was a tactic not necessarily a psychological sickness. Details are ignored.

  7. Ok.. I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt that these people aren’t listed in a particular order in how evil or bad they were. Because even though Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t a saint, I seriously doubt that he’s worse than Caligula and Djingis Khan and Khadaffi.

  8. Hitler wasn’t German, he was Austrian. Lenin killed his share of Russians. I think the video misses one point. Their are tyrants and then their are rulers. Genghis Khan would almost always give cities the chance to surrender before attacking, saving him time and man power. Stalin and Mao were probably the cruelest modern leaders.

  9. Judas does not belong on this list because it is questionable as to whether he even existed. The rest were real people with documentation to back up their existence. The Bible is not a reputable source of truth.

  10. You left out chairmen Mao Of China! Great Leap Forward, The communes killed millions upon millions of people! Today his communist followers are still ruling China and lately are abusing Hong Kong! The Islamic huigers etc!

  11. I remember that idiot Jones……..a major fruitcake…….Bin Laden,anothet fruitcake…Holmes …..Sherlock would turned him in……related or not…..Vlad the Impaler a very ancient wacko…….just like Ivan the terrible and Castro