Nancy Pelosi Announces Concessions To Manchin & Sinema

Nancy Pelosi Announces Concessions To Manchin & Sinema

The Democrats have conceded to Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Facing intractable opposition from party centrists, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats will have to “make tighter decisions” on a massive social welfare spending package that is stalled in Congress.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, acknowledged in a press conference Tuesday that the $3.5 trillion package planned by Democrats will have to shrink to about $2 trillion, telling reporters, “The fact is there are fewer dollars to spend, there are choices to be made, and the members have said let’s get the results we need, but we will not diminish the transformative nature of what it is.”*


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  1. okay, so this is why Democrats will lose everything in 2022 and 2024.
    If you are looking for a reason, it won't be because of "Fraud" or "Interference" because that's what they'll say.
    It will be because they were unwilling to fight when it mattered
    And unwilling to deliver on the basic promises they made during their campaigns.

  2. The issue isTYT, if U stop beating up on Dems & focus on passing bills it would have won. U make everything about Progressives & Establishment instead of Dems & Republicans & hurt them, beat Repubs up so U R able to Win Elections going forward! You were lousy on message. U make it an internal fight instead of beating up our opposition.

  3. Pelosi is an embarrassment to the Dems party. She has to compromise cause of her Black Money acceptance and has done nothing for the past years in office, period. Big example is the impeachment trials, she did a limited

  4. logical question, ok,.but is it premature to ask during negotiations? Pelosi, I agree, needs to be a stronger communicator, yet it does seem her voice reveals an indication that we should all be disappointed with the outcome. Could be that at this point answering a question regarding specifics in negotiations might be advantageous for the bill. Hmmm, I'm starting to get the feeling the Dems are going to do this on their own, and a provision to support WOMEN, once again, as usual, par for the course, typically and predictably, the status quo will remain unmoved as child care provisions will be cut, (as Pelosi gave away in that last part ) insufficient funding to make it viable. It's like politicians think voters, AKA humans, grow on trees! HELLO!!!!!!!!! Whatever the outcome I already feel brokenhearted watching my country cut at itself, just to watch it bleed. GOP on the right, DEMS on the left. Someone should tell them it's the blood of this country.

  5. Chris please take note that JOE MANCHIN AND KRYSTEN SINEMA ARE REPUBLICANS THAT RAN AS DEMOCRATS. They infiltrated the party and now they are doing damage FROM WITHIN. Something like a foreign spy entering the U.S. and acting and looking like an "american" and doing damage from within.

    Manchin and Sinema should be arrested they have engaged in criminal acts and are secretly working for Mitch McConnell and the republicans. WAKE UP PEOPLE! They won't allow Biden to pass those bills that will help the american people.

  6. Nancy Pelosi is insane, senile, un-american, and skimming taxes to fill her bank accounts, and guilty of manipulating Congress to benefit her and her husband's personal investments. And she does this so openly and easily traceable, it proves how evil she is. Hey Nancy, how much of this 3.5 Trillion money will benefit you and your family's personal investments? … Nancy will do and say anything to pass legislation that makes money for herself!!!

  7. It was interesting hearing Anna speak about how journalists and state how TyT "Gives their opinion". TyT need just to give facts no more spins or opinions. A bill is in the works to track all baking transactions up to 600 dollars. If TyT is your only "news" outlet, you are not learning about real issues that will effect your life.

  8. Unfortunately corporate money wins again like always. Those corrupt senators can go against their donors. As far as Republican can’t even talk about it, fósil fuels got them all in their hands. Pharmaceuticals and food industry cooperate to the corruption of all these congress men and women.

  9. Democrats are pathetic, still letting Republicans push them around. Time for us to drain the "swamp" We have to start all over again with politicians who are actually for the people

  10. all that is lost in this,,, is how those "im smarter than you" snarky liberals and far lefties who campaignd and helped Sinema win…not know what she was all about? im gonna tell you, you arent gonna like it, im gonna say it anyway..LIBERALS never bothered to dig deep into Sinemas politcs because shes a <check box> female <check box> LGBT <check box> Liberal…THATS saw those 3 things AND ONLY THOSE and said shes our woman…THATS EXACTLY how she got elected….period

  11. Lies are catching up with democratic s who have been lieing to the people ……most people don't want this watch the boarders with immergants coming in with no vaccine but Americans citizens losing jobs but immigrants breaking the laws government .. she is a lier again people see though my the B's …. inflation .

  12. To know True Democracy, By the People


    Share with all that wants to know the truth behind the life behind all life through out the whole Universe, the world is in a solar system with a yellow sun where all colors and life bleed into one, that is in the Milkyway Galaxy and that is the humanity's Mansion in the Farther Mother house that is the whole Universe and everything in it. We come to think of what people think of what God is and not seeing that we are all part of one through out the whole Universe so any life out there we are part of & a part of us.
    IF THERE IS THE WILL TO DO BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE WE CAN BERING THE COST OF EVERYTHING DOWN!??? Our We Conscience of the ill Will in our United States even more then MLKs days, for people don't want to know that humanity are one Family, all Religions has some sense of the oneness of All!

    Real Truth, Well studied Facts! It’s up to one to find ones better self, but to do that, one has to look at ones inner self and find the truth of self within, to know thy self is to be true to oneself and others!

    What was social media suppose to be for, I say to bring the people back together to know we are the Government and also the money is the peoples, if you know the preamble of the constitution that is where the Idea came from, By the People For the People???

    Academy of Ideas: A Philosophy of Social Studies, & Humanities. Repetition is the Mother Wisdom of all Higher Success! The Real Truth Will Set US All Free???

    The Preamble to the Constitution

    WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, In Order to Form a More Perfect Union, establish domestic Tranquility, Provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and Establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    (The Constitution was formed to be REFORMED, meaning to change the words to rewrite the meaning for our times!)

    (To Change as)

    The Preamble to the Constitution

    WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, In Order to Form a More Perfect Union, establish domestic Tranquility, Provide for the common defense, promote the General Will for our Welfare, to secure the Blessings of Liberties to ourselves and for our Posterity, do ordain and Establish this Constitution for the United States In the Lands of thee Americas and beyond. Pass it on!

    The learning of the Founders to the Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence that came first; people in the Political Arena should have a Master in Philosophy Humanities. Academy of Ideas: A Philosophy of Social Studies, Humanities, Repetition is the Mother Wisdom of all Higher Success! BUT IN WHAT Real Facts mindset of Learning

    Republicans Conservative Con don't want a government by the people for the people, it is time for a third major party where we are tuned to the peoples well being and all aspects in life. One more thing; the money is the peoples and as the old song goes this land is my land this land is your land, when you get right down to the truth that the whole world is the promise land to all Humanity.

    I share Info that people should learn about, that are facts, the Latin word for Science is Scientia that meant knowledge, a knowing, also the Greek word ology means the study of knowledge to knowing!

    True Democracy is A Way of Governing Where the supreme Power is Vested in the people. Philosophy is two words Love Wisdom in the Greek language they use to say the Love of Wisdom but in this day & age we should know the Wisdom of Love. And what is embodied in the word LOVE-Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, and all the Fruits of the Spiritual Wisdom in Good Will!

    Democracy Philosophy Socialism-A Third Major Party That contains The Peace & Freedom, Green Parties, with Black Lives Mater, The Poor Peoples movement, She the People, Code Pink, Bioneers, FreespeechTV-all who work there and Watch – listen to it, So it will be up to the people to do or be as a Society All for one and One for All??? Also come together to form the United States Peoples Enterprises-Employee owned Companies, Factories, Businesses, and Franchises plus all the Sciences not where the money goes to the top the same status quo!?

    It’s up to one to find ones better self, but to do that, one has to look at ones inner self and find the truth of self within, to know thy self is to be true to oneself and others.

    How can We get to the minds of all who represent we the people, to remind them that they work for the people not for the money and that all the TV, Radio stations, & Internet is also the peoples for we are paying for that Medea, for it would not be what it is with out the peoples money, So we the people should demand that all in our Government have air time to campaign & debate at no cost; for it is time for the people to take back our government in the right way, by the people for the people not being ruled by money that is what we come to fight for & about at the beginning, not being ruled by money, for the money is the peoples that way we should have more SAY ON HOW IT IS BEING DONE AND USED??? In jobs and in all corporate Capitalist ways, that is what's true about Democracy should be done, by the General Will, Common Good of all??? Democracy Controlling Capitalist Not Capitalist Controlling Democracy!

    I'm working on my Growth Mindset also finding a way to form an Employee owned Real Estate Investment Company where the CEO dose not make more than 4% of the least paid Employees and we come together on who and how the payment of everyone will workout on your learning curve where one wants to learn and the Knowledge will be free and help to form other Companies, as it grows we the people will form the United States Peoples Enterprises, and we will help our Children find what they want to do for their happiness that brings value to them and to Society a true Democracy, For the people By the people also put the Right people in our political arena State and Federal so we all come to know that we are all each others keepers but we don't make dependence, but we help each other grow in all aspects of life- Love!

    We the people have to take our Government back from the Corporate Capitalist Money Rule. For the money is the peoples, also we all should have a say on how it is all being used and how it's being done! Take the cap off of Social Security and people that our rich should not receive it for it was form to help the least of our brothers and sisters! Also have another branch of Social Security for our Identity protections and have in the fed & states offices??? And a branch from the IRS to do our taxes from the middle down and have from the higher middle up, the people that will be able to help keep the people that are the richest-honest in there doing with the peoples money. That is what the General Will is all about, For the People By the People, also That is what a True Democracy is (A Way of Governing Where the supreme Power is Vested in the people???) Repetition is the Mother Wisdom of all Higher Success & Thinking! But in what mindset? We need to learn about Ranked Voting!

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