Russia denies weaponising energy amid Europe gas crisis – BBC News

Russia denies weaponising energy amid Europe gas crisis - BBC News

Russia has denied using energy as a political weapon, amid surging prices across Europe that have sent gas bills in many households skyrocketing.

Russia, one of Europe’s biggest natural gas providers, has been accused of intentionally withholding supplies.

President Vladimir Putin said such claims were “complete rubbish… and politically motivated tittle-tattle”.

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BBC News

BBC News


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  1. As long as no one is using nuclear weapons then I'm happy. If Russia wants to sell there gas at a higher cost than they should be allowed. If the UK had the gas then I'm sure they would be selling it for a higher cost especially with all the money that has been lost due to the covid situation. I'm lucky my house only uses electricity lol.

  2. It,s fassion in urope to blame russia for any thing , anglo sexens are behind this , uk us australia these people always busy against russia and china , i don,t know why uropeans trust anglo sexens instead of russia ,example is back stabing of france by aukus in submarine deal

  3. UK government is backtracking O&G licenses by adding non-agreed requirements, after deals are made, and therewith blocking gas development projects. The reason for high gas prices is the uncoordinated bureaucracy from the UK government. Every new OG project, suddenly, needs to have a CO2 disposal route. This is years AFTER the UK goverment REJECTED (?!?!?) CO2 disposal projects. A very unprofessional, incompetent and sorry bunch of people those civil servants and goverment folks.

  4. Excuse me, aint't europe putting 3rd energy package, using it, Russia cannot supply more than 50 percent of the total capacity of ns2? who is the dumby

    wtf are you tolking about, nonsless idiots

  5. Like I feel very sad, how the west treats its business partners. I remember early this year sanctions on nodstream 2 making all partners leave the deal and Russia alone barring the cost of completion.
    The sheer rebuke Germany had to face from both the US and EU and now the finger is being pointed at this same project that has been basterdized and sanctioned to the teeth as the course of Europe's energy crisis??

  6. During Russian Energy Week 2021, Putin also cited examples that when the gas market changed, the United States redirected its gas flows from Europe to Asia. By this, Putin hinted that not Russia, but the United States, is using gas as an economic weapon.

  7. Russia's Weaponization of Gas ?! slander again, as usual ?!

    Merkel (German Chancellor) : “Russia has thus far honored all gas purchase orders from Europe; indeed, there are no gas purchase orders that Russia has turned down. Russia can only deliver gas on the basis of binding contracts, and not ‘just like that.’ The question therefore arises: Has enough gas been ordered? Or is the high price a reason for not ordering much. We have become accustomed to very low gas prices”

    Borrell (EU Foreign Policy Chief) : “Russia has honored all its contracts. It cannot be said that they are not delivering when they said they would, but it has not increased the quantities”

    who has the authority to order gas to russia ?! that's the real EVIL

  8. The State Department called on Russia to supply gas to Europe in excess of contracts !!! And who are the State Department!??? There are idiots sitting there who want to destroy Europe !!Russia has always offered cheap gas under long-term contracts, the United States and Britain, as well as Germany, did not want to draw up a contract morons… they themselves impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2. !!! It smells like idiocy !! The USA, for example, buys 25% of oil from Russia, can you imagine!!?? And they are imposing sanctions against Russia..These senile people are more expensive than their clownish policy, aimed at the destruction of all mankind, and not the well-being of the citizens of their countries.. !!! Definitely IDIOTS !!

  9. What else to expect from British B**t Corporation (BBC)? The fav beating boy Evil homophobic Volodya to take all the blame for stupidity of Eurocretin bureaucrats. So when UK blackmails the whole world since 1600s and imposes it’s dubious values all over the place and strikes with bombs when someone doesn’t agree that’s ok, but when the supplier is asking to be payed market prices for utility it provides that’s a blackmail. Great logic. And people in UK pay annual compulsory fee for BBC licence to listen to this demagoguery nonsense. What a scam

  10. What the hell are the Europeans complaining about! They are all about combating the so called "Climate Crisis" and decreasing their use of fossil fuels. Well, now is their opportunity. If the Europeans are serious about the climate crisis they should welcome higher prices and less gas from Russia.

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