Two school teachers including woman shot dead in Srinagar | WION

Two school teachers including woman shot dead in Srinagar | WION

Two school teachers including a woman shot dead in Srinagar. The incident comes two days after 3 civilians, including a prominent chemist, were gunned down.

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  1. As long as we have many enemys with in countfy, abetting the terrorists continue, such horrendous crimes galore. It's damn difficult task for security forces to neutralise these rogue elements. Lot more in the offing.

  2. It is the same thing as 1990s. Targeted killing of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs. Basically Islamic extremism is beginning to target civilians now that they have failed in there attack on our security forces. I hope the RR avenge every drop of blood.

  3. The only reason why Kashmir is not Afghanistan is because of the Indian army, so I say this to all the pro Pakistani Indians… just shut up and be greatful u are alive or just go and live in Pakistan!!!

  4. The way of their narrow thinking will not benefit the society at all since through this way of thinking and devout followers of the Sharia, they will lose many different ideas and valuable attitudes towards this life. If they still insist on the human rights of their people, i would not be surprised if not only Afghanistan will fall but will also be the end of the Pakistan.

  5. Victory of taliban had opened doors of new hope to all islamic terrorism, India is on the doorstep (thanks to our beloved gandhi n chacha nehru ) soon world will also face the heat

  6. if any terrorist killed by army, then it would be world headline news, laveled as genocide, started playing victim card by calling atrocities against muslims, liberandus started to play their agenda, india would be called islamophobic, pakistan would playing their so called kashmiri genocide against muslims and so many things. unfortunately, those victim are hindu. and thats why every one is silent.

  7. It's time that we make a wall , the most advanced and an 8 th wonder of the world , it has to be the wall of 21 st century , Make a wall , the most high-tech wall of all times , no terrorists from Pakistan should be able to infiltrate … Technology is the key coz pakistan to kabhi sudhrega nahi , na khud chain se jeeta hai aur na hume jeene deta hai …

  8. World should come together to take a decision on terrorism and the countries supporting terrorism. Otherwise this will be a never ending story to the world. Arrest or kill the people who support this people.

  9. Mr. Rahul Gandhi, how about a line of sympathy for the innocents killed in Kashmir and condemnation of the terrorist? Or Mrs. Priyanka Vadra, how about a quick and sudden stunt of a visit to the Kashmir valley and expression of your solidarity with the innocents killed by the terrorist? Your silence speaks for itself.

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  12. What did you expect ? They though they won in Afghanistan , and Pakistan wants Kashmir !!!!!! That area will witness unprecedented violence between India & Pakistan.

  13. Pakistan is the root cause for all of they can't target army officers so they are targeting minority in kashmir..government should do some strict action otherwise these killing will not stop