WION in Panjshir: Final hours before the fall | Taliban | Afghanistan | World English News

WION in Panjshir: Final hours before the fall | Taliban | Afghanistan | World English News

In an ominous end to Afghanistan‘s resistance, Panjshir, which has long held iconic value as the last stand against the Taliban, has fallen as claimed by the Taliban. WION brings you an exclusive ground report from the frontlines in Panjshir.

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  1. Like Father Like Son ,Total Respect !
    But wait where is the Indian Sweet Heart "Bhagwan of Resistance" The Corrupt Chameleon amir ullah saleh ??
    Probably run away like a coward ??? to Save his filth full skin

  2. Nothing amazing about the capture of Panjshir, as now USA has helped Taliban with giving them big humvees and helicopters to enter the Panjshir valley… Besides that the Resistance side has made so much noise and exposure to mass media including WION, which means Taliban's spies can enter the Resistance's area too, to examine the whereabouts of the points of the Resistance troops and logistic's etc. Wheras in a real war those military informations must be kept secret and unexposed !!
    The Resistance's tactics should be silent and stealthy, according to guerilla's principles facing a more powerful enemy.. Should be with No press releases, of course !…

  3. I think there's no fighting happened.where is the video of actual fighting or just pictures showing the dead and captured soldiers?they are just making this drama to get money from the international community. They call this movie THE FICTION WAR.

  4. Afghanistan is now under the control of terrorists.

    A democratically elected government has been overthrown by a terrorist organization and Afghanistan is now under tremendous control.

    Now jihad will be formalized from non-state actors to state-sponsored terrorism, backed by terrorism epicenter Pakistan and Communist & Expansionist China and funded by oil rich Islamic countries.

    UN-designated terrorists are now in power in Afghanistan and in positions of power in the government.

    This is a big slap on the face of the UN. It must be asking who are you? what are you? And why are you???

    This is the defeat of the democratic world powers.

    American supremacy came to an end with a humiliating defeat. Biden gifted a terrorist-led government to the people of America and the world on the day of 9/11. Thanks!!!

    Since, UN designated terrorists have become ministers, prime ministers and presidents in Afghanistan. Just wait for the day when they will now cordially address the United Nations on Peace and Islamophobia along with Pakistan Cricketer cum Selected Prime Minister Imran Khan Nazi.

    Now terrorism will rise around the world as Taliban control over Afghanistan will empower other terrorist organizations around the world and over time democratic power will become national interest centric as usual while global terrorists will join hands together with a common agenda of spreading terrorism on the name of Islam.

    What a laughing situation. A United Nations Designated Terrorist Organization and a country in full control of UN Designated Terrorists elected themselves as Prime Minister and President. The countries Pakistan, China, Qatar and Turkey act as the spokesman for the Taliban. LOL!!!

  5. The Taliban lie! I will believe it when I see the Resistance announce their surrender. The National Resistance Front still holds the high ground. Don't believe everything the Taliban claim.

  6. Population of Afghanistan's 39 million 80000 men took over a whole country it don't make sense then they get taken over and then they protest get beat up for it maybe even killed you should have used that protest courage and pick up a rifle

  7. They did a Gani! These do called leaders have filled their pickets with western cash so there's no way they gonna be the last man standing. They flee to their Loot. They may well still take cash and continue to fill their pockets but can do no more than l disrupt as the people have chosen the present authority.