ZaraHatKay | Shocking Details Of Noor Muqadam Case, Inadmissible DNA Test,PIA & the Taliban|DawnNews

ZaraHatKay | Shocking Details Of Noor Muqadam Case, Inadmissible DNA Test,PIA & the Taliban|DawnNews

ZaraHatKay | Shocking Details Of Noor Muqadam Case, Inadmissible DNA Test, PIA & the Taliban| DawnNews

ZaraHatKay | Zahir Jaffer’s Confession In Noor Mukadam’s Case | PIA & the Taliban | DawnNews | 14-10-21

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  1. Regarding Mazar E Quaid rape case. Mr Judge got huge money. People who go to courts for different issue civil or criminal or family law know it very well that Judges do decisions based on money, reference or any other gains they get. This is clearly a standard of Pakistan Judiciary without any doubts.

  2. یہ ہے اوقات سول سپریمیسی کی پاکستان میں وزیر دفاع جس کی وزارت کے ماتحت تمام فوج ہے بیچارہ اپنے ایک ماتحت سرکاری ملازم کے بارے میں منہ نہیں کھول رہا کہ کہیں کوئی گستاخی نہ ہو جائے۔مزے کی بات یہ ہے کہ ان تمام وزراء جن کے گلے سے آواز نہیں نکل رہی دنیا کے کسی بھی معاملے پر تبصرہ کروا لیں اور خاص طور پر اپوزیشن کے متعلق بات کر کے دیکھیں یہ تمام باولے کتے کی طرح بھونکنا شروع ہوجائیں گے

  3. If Nawaz Sharif who was PM of Pakistan 3 times (if I recall correctly) can be "fixed" by Pakistani Establishment then where is Imran Khan who has been "helped" generously by "The Establishment" in making him a PM. Frankly Imran Khan was not a great cricket captain either. He was at best a dumbo poster playboy.
    He should start packing his bags to moving back to UK on a permanent basis.
    His political career in Pakistan is over.

  4. Good program, please stay focused on real issues like the ones you brought up in this program. Keep the typical political discussions to the minimum, we have many talk shows that are obsessed with useless political rhetoric.

  5. ہر طرف سناٹا بھے۔ کہیں یہ ساس نند والا ریلیشن تو نہیں ھے؟ پنک ربن لگانے کا شکریہ۔ وہ کونسی طاقت ھے جو ہمیں کسی بھی پڑوسی ملک سے تعلقات بحال نہیں ھونے دے رہے ہے۔

  6. Just till two weeks ago, Zarar Khoro & company was doing spokesmanship of Taliban and they were so much praising Taliban that the only thing missing was Taliban flag on his chest. What a brilliant strategy ..!!

  7. Such sensitive decisions should be kept off the media and public no one has the knowledge of what, how these to be appointed personalities are. Only the departments who deal with them only know the reality so let them decide!

  8. Thank you … I really get the gist of laws and by understanding the nature of amendments that someone JUST is in that system. So we can really not blame the whole judiciary! Such judges should be under scrutiny..,

  9. شیشن کورٹ کے اس جج کو ملازمت سے فارغ کر دیا جانا چاہیے اور اس کی قانون کی ڈگری بھی واپس لے لینی چاہیے تاکہ اس جیسا نالائق جج وکالت بھی نہ کر سکے…..یہ قانون ھی تبدیل ھونا چاہیے.

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