EXACTLY How Much Money Joe Manchin Made Off Dirty Coal INVESTMENTS

EXACTLY How Much Money Joe Manchin Made Off Dirty Coal INVESTMENTS

Senator Joe Manchin, who’s blocking President Biden’s bill addressing climate change made millions from his own coal company. John Iadarola, Nina Turner, and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. https://tyt.com/stories/4vZLCHuQrYE4uKagy0oyMA/2bUPGFk5gVC4rAZQw5Hkno

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“Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was the key obstacle to reaching a deal Thursday night on passing both the Democratic infrastructure bill that passed the Senate last month, and the broader bill to address climate change and provide $3.5 trillion over ten years for a vast range of spending that would impact the lives of poor and middle-income people. As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pushed back the House infrastructure vote, saying it would come on Friday.

Progressives in the House so far have held fast against passing the infrastructure bill–which they support–without also getting the Senate, including Manchin, to approve the broader bill, with the measures that Pres. Biden campaigned on. That bill would create universal pre-K, saving the average family an estimated $13,000 annually; lower the costs of some child care; give free school meals to nine million children; add dental, eye, and hearing coverage to Medicare; lower costs for Obamacare enrollees; lower drug prices; invest in climate-change measures that would reduce carbon emissions, lower energy bills, create thousands of conservation jobs, and mitigate wildfires; and fund both school repairs and construction of new schools.”*


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  1. Voting for Progressives is the only way. Corporate Dems are the same as republicans. They take care of the corporations only and fight against the smallest things that the people want. That is fascism.

  2. When a member of a PARTY thinks he or she is in power it is time to take them down. Like the voters in Kentucky Mitch McConnell should have not been reelected but the people of Kentucky chicken out for some reason. That is one election I would like to see a recount. I hope the voters of West Virginia don't make the same mistake with Joe Manchin he is like McConnell HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE ONLY HIS BOTTOM LINE.

  3. This is just a smear job by the Communist and Climate change liars Climate change is real but not from the Carbon lie its all about money and kick backs for alternative energy all of Congress is dirty its not new well the people that elects him arent part of the Commi Joe party so he will vote with his constituents to bad Commi Joe no one gives a Damn about his pay off from coal

  4. Joe Manchin get out stay in that hillabilly State. sad for them living poor.poeple living in west Va. Dirt floors like a third world country get out and take Mitch McConnell with you!

  5. I wish you and nother podcast would cite sources. I'm sure everything you say is true in regards to the details of Joe manchin corruption. You found the information how hard is it for you to tell me where you got it?

  6. Here's the thing kiddos, the reason why Democrats won't really do anything about Manchin's corruption is that they are all corrupt.
    It's a case of mutually assured destruction on the political scale. Nobody is going nuclear. He in fact represents a coalition of conservative Democrats. He and Sinema are just the face of it.

  7. PBS News Hour has puff piece on Manchin and Sinema just reflecting the home spun values of their home states. You would never know Koch in on the board of Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Shame on PBS. Thanks to TNC.

  8. It needs to be ILLEGAL for legislators to take corporate money and turn around to vote on legislation that affects that corporation. One more reason why we can't have nice things in this country…. the monetization of every aspect of US life is ruining this country & literally killing people. Media should be exposing the truth on ALL politicians – D & R. They're supposed to work for us, the taxpayers & if not they need to go or be fined up the wazoo.

  9. lololol BIDEN & SON HAS BEEN biggest crooks in goverment history!! what about that you commy fools!! & now begging to pump more oil as market crashes everyday,,WAIT was that a blackboy or girl Saying ,lolo WHO DEY answer too!!! wtf

  10. Here's a question… Are there any politicians that aren't millionaires? I bet you can't find one!!! Civil servants???? More like the people that pay their salaries are the servants!!!!! Hang the fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Don’t forget EXXON!…no climate changes coming from Joe! Ah yes..BIG PHARMA,,,,EPI PENS HUGE INCREASE! To bad if you have severe allergies….and not a huge bank account! It’s nice to breath!

  12. manchin talking about "Entitlements", wants "Means Testing" and wants to pause Build Back Better until 2022 elections points to one thing. He's afraid he won't be able to give Republicans another tax break.

  13. When the planet goes over that edge that we all have heard about then he dies along with the rest of us! Manchin should wake up to that!

  14. The insane corruption in Congress is killing this nation and its working on killing the world! When the WORLD figures out that the people in Congress in America are directly destroying our earth then the real shit will hit the fan!


  16. Well and this is why he's holding up the bill of the instructor on the butt in the build back plan bill for the people this guy's got a lot of guts yeah this guy should be thrown out of office right now how come we put up with an idiots like this they don't work as you said they ain't working for the people he's getting some big checks coming in

  17. We need to put a law out there that they cannot collect no more donating money from the corporations or the drug companies or any kind of Rich wealthy person out there and let's see them get them come up with the money for their campaigns on their own and not get it off the corporations I'll tell you what because when they get off of that that's just the bribe we got to put a stop to that

  18. What else is his money invested that he is also collecting ????????????? He is probably living in a houseboat so he doesn’t have to pay taxes ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Non American here so I just wondered do you not have conflict of interest laws. Laws that forbid him to do certain things based on his investments. It leads to fraud because like anyone he will not want his lively hood threatened as is the case here. However conflict of interest should be declared by Manchin. What occurs now is his lack of enthusiasm to do the right actions for Americans as the only American that will benefit is a country of one. He is voting against his country. president and people because he is greedy. How is that correct.

  20. It is disgusting how much money the make from the Gov. Then he blocks the bill trying to help people.
    Details like this should be required to be public when any person is running for office. This is details that would show they are not doing their job to help the country but to help themselves