Gravitas: India redirects soldiers and military assets from Pakistan to China border

Gravitas: India redirects soldiers and military assets from Pakistan to China border

This month, military commanders from India and China will meet for the 13th round of talks. Ahead of the dialogue, China has violated the ceasefire twice and attempted incursions. Palki Sharma tells you how India is responding.

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  1. Such a nonsense & illegitimate power that occupies china. China is a terrorist occupied landmass for a century and over. If any nation on the earth to be replaced of its unelected occupants first, it should be China.

  2. Shoot at sight orders should be issued for the unauthorised trespassing foreign troops …then this issue will resolve..then this will not repeat..and Air Force should be readily available at 24*7 for arial support.

  3. Can we stop business deals, buying technologies, promoting tourism, no Olympics, remove China on UN, and jobs in China please? Also have united (peaceful) protests all together same time around the world twice a year against China/CCP. Let this be a legacy to Xi Jinping regime.

  4. Chinese can never invade India because Indian forces will openly defecate in the border it will be impossible for Chinese troops to cross border poo mine every 1 meter. Lol

  5. Facilites advnatge educatioan safty please take care issue Subject all India no of education Dept photo massgae method ice please take care issue Subject cammunication dept and notice bord facilites small requieast to massanger principal and education Subject safty please take care issue Subject all India natio no of Index state safty small requieast to massanger

  6. This WION station never mentioned that there has been no border line between China and India as the border issues can trace back to 1870 when the British colonialists tried to grab Tibet from China. In 1959, PM Chou En-Lai used the word "Line of Actual Control" instead of the border line in his letter to the late PM J. Nehru. And Nehru agreed. But the tricky Nehru thought he could get away by moving forward that Line inch by inch everyday. China protested but India never cared so China decided to give India a lesson, that was the cause of that 1962 border war. If you ask New Delhi the length of the border, New Delhi's answer is 3400km, China's answer is 1700km. So the border issue is a complete mess as there has been no consensus about the border length. This WION station practiced Hindu Face Saving journalism and the report it gives on China and Pakistan is just full of insinuation, twisted facts and lies just to save Indian face. There is no solution for this border issue because the only wise man in India, Mahatma Gandhi was killed by the Hindu fanatic group which now becomes RSS. We have to wait for the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi the wise man as those in New Delhi are headless politicians that knew only force and violence. When they lost, they will ask for negotiation talk.

  7. Can India fight China? I guess China can starve India to death easily if it wants by killing its trade with India or their advanced weapons systems can shut electricity down in India permanently which can create economic death to India in 10 days. The only solution India got is to not go to war with China.