Gravitas: Western nations plan to dump Afghan refugees in Asia

Gravitas: Western nations plan to dump Afghan refugees in Asia

Gravitas | The West plans to dump Afghan refugees in Asia. Foreign Ministers of European Countries are visiting Pakistan one after the other to ensure Afghan refugees don’t reach their borders. WION’s Palki Sharma gets you a report on this criminal abandonment.

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  1. I do not agree with taking Afghans to Europe. Afghans are Muslims and should reside in a country of similar values. European Christianity and Atheism will be too much for the Afghans. Europeans have LGBT rights and same sex marriages. The poor Afghans will be too shocked by all of this. Muslim countries should help them.

  2. It is the responsibility of Pro-taliban nations, to take care of the refugees, provide shelter, food, education, clothing to those refugees. The pro-taliban nations should take initiative, talk to taliban rulers, build residential colonies in Afghan, bring back all those fled the country, with the fear of taliban. The pro-Taliban nations are fully responsible for the welfare of the Afghan refugees.

  3. All the people that want refuge in non islamic countries. Go to the country of your liking and immediately change your religion to whatever the countries majority religion is. Maximum women will leave. Taliban will find it difficult to rule without spoils of war.

  4. You are asking Britain to take afgan refugees! How about india? India abandoned all afgan origin spies working for Indian operations, even didn't bother to respond to the Email of them, while india taking refugees ask their religon, india lost the plot in afghanistan, now afgans are so angry on india how they left them on the mercy of taliban. Plz stop preaching other , first let india practise.

  5. When Indian ask radicals to go to Pakistan people call theme "hindu nationalist" but when same thing is said by Europeans, they become intellect.
    Why this double standards, western countries?

  6. Afghanistan is made up of Pashtuns (who already live in Pakistan and the PM is Pashtun), Tajiks (Tajikistan already exists) and Uzbeks (Uzbekistan already exists). Why can't these people return to the countries where they are an indigenous ethnic group?

  7. I'm from the u.k. we've got an unemployment issue already prior to refugees, major concerns with housing from uk citizens being refused elsewhere, limited funds to be spread accross the nation in things that need sorting. The u.k. is a non muslim culture, why should we take in muslims; muslim neighbouring countries who are muslim themselves can have them.

  8. Now wait just a minute… I thought this was the new and improved Taliban bringing peace and prosperity to Afghanistan. What's all this talk about "refugees"? Why would folks flee paradise?

  9. How many of the nearly one million Rohingya refugees fleeing the "text book case of ethnic cleansing" from Myanmar, now sheltered in Bangladesh, have the western powers (great advocates of human rights, democracy, and freedom) taken in their own countries? Virtually none, nil, nada!

  10. Japan recently received from a source that some SEA countries will be the subject of terror attack. We wanted to help really, but afraid that it will bring danger to our community

  11. When people need refuge they clearly should claim it in the nearest geographical location.
    That way they can return home easily when the crisis is over.
    Saying Afghan refugees should claim refuge in Europe is like saying Brazilian refugees should claim refuge in Kazakhstan.

  12. Why do we, the British want a friendship with Pakistan? That is another terrorist filled country that has done nothing good for the World over the past 20 years. And why should Britain take Afghan refugees? They would be best off going to the Middle Eastern countries where their cultures, religion, language are similar. Britain has enough (and had enough), of refugees and migrants. It's about time that they used their resuorces and finances to help their own people of Britain. Britain is after all, only a small island country.