How Cracked iPhone Back Glass Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished

How Cracked iPhone Back Glass Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished

Abdullah Kabani is the owner of Telè, a phone-repair company in Oklahoma. He shows us how he restores the cracked back glass on three different iPhones. This includes lasering off the adhesive, taking all of the glass off with a knife, gluing a new back on, and cleaning the phone.

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How Cracked iPhone Back Glass Is Professionally Restored | Refurbished


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  1. I wouldn't trust this guy repairing my phone. I've seen better and more careful repair videos using his same high tech machine. Who use a exacto knife and a metal brush, just looks sloppy. The guy then proceeds to glue everything together with all that debris. Please clean off your station and maybe give the phone a blow with compressed air?

  2. Apple must spend 90% of their time designing ways for their phones to self-destruct or become obsolete/ unrepairable. The 10% remaining goes to their propaganda coughs uh I mean marketing department.

  3. Hmm if only there was some other material we could use to make durable phones, and design them so repairs could be completed by the user… I guess we'll just have to wait until we invent a pocket-sized super computer. Oh wait…

  4. Apple really needs to be charged for false advertising. Claiming the camera lens are 'sapphire' when they clearly aren't.
    Scratch tests show a real sapphire watch scratching at a higher Mohs pick number than the lens do.

  5. Right to repair is so important. Apple is trying to stop that every year by changing up procedures.

    Imagine if a hospital invented the cure for cancer and that hospital doesn't want the world to know how to do it, but instead charge you 10x what it would cost for it and prevent other people from helping you.

  6. I having a glass back phone for 3 years now and haven't droped it once . My mom dropped it twice since she is not used to handling glass back phones . All it takes is some responsibility but it not always the owners fault . So its upto everyone to decide . I personally think cases are bulky and takes away the sleekness and look of the phone .

  7. All my phones have had cases and screen protectors, I have never had a broken phone ever. The times I trade in my phone the sales person is impressed on how well my phones are still in great condition. Why some people don’t use phone cases and screen protectors does not make any sense to me.

  8. "Man, a big problem with smartphones is the glass on the front cracking when you drop it! But at least the back is solid …"
    Apple: "Well put it on both sides!"

  9. Literally one thing that would solve the issue of the back glass breaking that literally every iPhone owner seems to refuse to do is to just.

  10. My Motorola Droid Mini has wireless charging capabilities and it does not have back glass. Also I don't like the idea that he was gluing on the new back glass while he still had dust remnants of what he was scraping off, all around the phone. ??