International Community dreads aftermath of withdrawal deadline | Latest World English News | WION

International Community dreads aftermath of withdrawal deadline | Latest World English News | WION

In three days all foreign troops will leave Afghanistan as per the deadline set by the US to withdraw from Afghanistan after 20 years of war but the world is dreading the thought of what will happen after the 31st of August.

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  1. Bravo Mr. Anas Mallick reporting directly from the ground zero, it's very unfortunate for those who were abandoned by US for the service done to them daring the consequences of Talibans during their 20 years stay. But the most cunning part is revealing their names and identities only to invite Talibans for revenge. It's the US's inhuman gesture to not to those supported US, but for those who dared Talibans to bring democratic process.
    The irony is some of the comments here are like " these Afghanis ( who supported US)will join with Talibans"…etc etc … looks like playing religious cards .. especially from some of our Indian brothren, this is very sorry for those.
    We must build pressure in UN to bring democracy in Afghanistan for regional peace as India is a great regional democratic power unlike theocratic Pakistan or Iran or a totalitarian China.

  2. All the terror factions that walked by the side of the Taliban will go at each other's throats, Taliban is going to have a civil war on their hands of the likes never seen before, and the poor civilians are going to suffer.

  3. It's a pipedream. It's said in relationships, once a cheater, always a cheater. It is no different with collective cultures They have been fighting for twenty years to preserve their barbaric culture. Do you really think that because they no longer are threatened they're going to walk away from that which they were trying to preserve. Afghan women are doomed. And the country will settle back into tribal civil war.

  4. Talibans days are numbered, they were deliberately let to push into Kabul. Their ignorant leadership will be ridden in few months and Afghanistan will be run by the great players. Talibans are just Toilet papers.

  5. Taliban's is not looking down on any one, But they look down on Afghanistan Afghanistanian people include their own tradition culture and religion, Because they want to live in a cave man period, An they don't want to l live in modern society

  6. "international community" is a phrase coined by the US and profusely repeated by a few of their allies to create an illusion that they have the support of the world.
    But does it have the support of the world?
    There are 195 countries in the world. How many of those are in the "international community"?
    China population is 1,446 million, equivalent to 18.5% of the total world population.
    Russia population is 146 million
    Pakistan population is 221 million
    Are they in the "international community"?

  7. The Taliban should not be able to dictate to the national alliance. The Taliban needs to be exterminated once and for all. Conventional warfare takes to much armament and women and man power and prolongs wars. Detonate a neutron bomb which acts as a giant microwave and be done with it. The buildings would still be intact anything biological would be fried. The population of Afghanistan would have to be secretly warned to evacuate to the mountains let those who side with the Taliban face extermination