Poland asserts its differences with European Union | Latest English News | World News | WION

Poland asserts its differences with European Union | Latest English News | World News | WION

Poland is a part of the European Union.
But lately – the country has been asserting its differences with the bloc.In the latest, Poland’s highest court has called some articles of the European union treaty as ‘unconstitutional’.

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  1. If Poland thinks EU is their enemy today, independent Poland will have more enemies than allies… it's important to negotiate for better partnership than quit… Anyways majority of the Poles got it right!

  2. A gross interference in the domestic affairs of Poland , but I dont think the Poles are scared of Brussels , and maybe its time for the Poles to leave the dreadful EU

  3. This reporting is crazy!! Incredibly one sided. The EU is using tyrannical means to subjugate Poland. The EU is going to punish a sovereign nation, Poland, because Poland is exercising it's freedom of self determination as a free country. The woman reporting on this around 3:20 is essentially reporting that because Poland will not allow the EU to govern its internal affairs, EU will punish Poland. And she, as well as WION, is reporting on this as if the EU has supreme powers. When it doesn't, at all. Evil WION.

  4. Hungary and Poland don’t want to be Islamic like Germany is allowing and the UK . Hungary and Poland have rights the EU is corrupt and controlling. Just look at Cologne allowing the Muslims call to pray in the City . All very wrong thank God for Hungary and Poland