US forces leave behind dysfunctional jets and choppers in Afghanistan | English News | WION

US forces leave behind dysfunctional jets and choppers in Afghanistan | English News | WION

Surreal scenes were witnessed at Kabul airport. The US forces left behind dysfunctional jets and choppers.

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  1. The most important question that still remains unanswered is "Why US Forces left behind their military equipment?" They could have flown out their Helicopters, Humvee and guns. So why didn't they?

  2. I was sure hoping that this was to draw the Taliban in and finish this properly now the U.S government has armed terrorist there’s no telling what the Taliban is going to do or their allies, is this US government now supporting terrorism by giving billions of dollars worth of equipment to terrorist, they can use armored vehicles that don’t work to find weak spot in the armor what munitions will penetrate it China is more than willing to help especially if they can replicate it and gain a technological advantage for it’s own military and help an enemy of the Free world this is a very sad day

  3. Sukkhar Alhamdolillah Allaho Akbar MaShaa Allah Subhan Ullah Alhamdolillah
    Allah pak k Fazal wa karam wa Nusrat se
    Subhan Ullah Allaho Akbar Shukar Alhamdolillah Allah pak made Afghan Taliban Mujahideen e Islam Super power all over the world and made America e more than 50 superior power zero×00000000000000…

  4. if kabul was dangerous, no indian would step foot in the airport or the city, i think wion working with taliban as reporter has no vest for protection,,, no indian this brave, but plenty are this stupid

  5. 12 guys in the back of a Toyota. Great idea guys, grind those axles and bearings out real good! No wonder these people have nothing, they just waste ammo and wreck vehicles worst than the ambulance guys ere that drive the 250k machine to lunch for 10 miles per gallon.

  6. this is the worst and most useless reporting ive watched to date on the military equipment left behind. Guy is like, there is a coffee maker, there is some screws, there are sleeping bags….like why does ANYONE even care if any of that literal garbage is left behind. Where are the real weapons, vehicles, tech? Tells me nothing. As far as i can tell from every source i have seen, the americans destroyed the shit they left behind so that it is unusable, but the shit left by the afghan government forces are usable. So in other words, about 50-60% of shit left behind is unsuable uneless they have support from some foreign power with the technological know how. But seriously? Who would bother to help repair shit. That costs more money than its worth. Pakistan their biggest backer is still a 3rd world country, even if they wanted to help they dont have the know how or parts, without buying it from someone else, which defeats the purpose.

  7. It may be mostly US made equipment, but everything shown here was obviously part of the Afghan air force, so to keep saying "left behind by US forces" is hardly accurate.