What Does Apple Do With Old iPhones?

What Does Apple Do With Old iPhones?

Earlier this year Apple announced the number of active, in-use iPhones has risen to over a billion for the first time. Pretty cool. Until you remember one day they’ll all need disposing of.


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What Does Apple Do With Old iPhones?


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  1. Let's be clear about this, Apple would not do this unless it was good for their bottom line. As I always have said, I will not recycle anything until it makes economic sense. Apple has found a way to make recycling old phones pay for them.

    Great vid, and thanks

  2. Very good apple, If there are suckers then use them. The greed of these people is so incestuous they just realized that their constant upgrades would create a glut on the market so they take back your phones and sell it to unsuspecting, brand hungry apple lovers for a killing. And the people BUY it..WOW…Thank Goodness I have never visited nor will I even try to visit the Apple ecosystem…no sir…

  3. my question is, what does apple do with their discontinued models? For example, what happened to all the iPhone12/pro models on the day that they were removed from the apple website? were they destroyed?

  4. I like that phrase: 2:45 "…so Apple does its best to extract value from your old iphone…" though this value extraction had already begun the moment they signed the contract for shipment of freshly mined/recovered raw materials from the overexploited parts of the developing world. I'd prefer not to white wash/green wash the act of value extraction by these capitalist hoarders. The problem is not Capitalism as a system, the problem is we never get the right people in authority of the system. But we'll probably never find the right people when the game is so rigged already.

  5. Refurbished should be last step

    1 should be reuse
    2 repair

    and only then refurbish

    This is how we save the environment

    Apple care only for money, not environment.

  6. Trade in!!!! They get it, fix it up and resell it!!!
    Turn it in for recycling via apple store directly or requesting a package that can be mailed to you. While you may or may not get something for it, it at least keeps it out of the trash and is recycled properly.

  7. Instead Apple should focus on their phone to last longer than couple of years. Yes many of their phones and Macbooks do not last more than a couple of years and many people throw it in Trash which causes a greater environmental threat

  8. this should be the norm, but the part about taking out the chargher and headphones, is utter bulls*it, it produce a ton more waste if you want a charger and headphone along with the device, and you also spend more money because apple

  9. Apple does it to make money period. Reselling an old phone makes money, keeping boot leg phones off the market means people buy new Apple phones which makes money. Good PR to look like they care about the environment, makes money.