Sahil Adeem Short Video | Psychology Developed by Mothers | #Shorts

Sahil Adeem Short Video | Psychology Developed by Mothers | #Shorts

Saray Chachu aur Phophu Buray hain jb k Saray Mamu aur Khala achi hain.
Sahil Adeem Whatsapp Status in Urdu
Sahil Adeem Motivational Clips 2021
Video Credits: @A Simple Argument

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  1. Well it is true I net told my kids that my in-laws use to treat me indiscriminately cause I did not belong to there tribe or family and finally my husband devolved me and when my son grew up he realised that his grand parents were the master minds of this disaster he stoped talking to them so don’t say that it’s mother’s who do it every time

  2. A0 Mamu to kher mami k hoty khala zrur ahsas krti phopho ko prwa ni hoti bhi k bachon ki litrelly speaking chachu 222222 number hiiiiiiii hotttttty aksar. BAchy b note krty sir jb unki mother py zulm na insafi aur haqtalfi hoti ap mard hain is liy aisi baten krty kbhi aurton jesa 1 din to kya 30 minuts guzar k dikhao

  3. شوہر اپنے بہن بھائیوں کی برائی اپنی بیوی اور بچوں کے سامنے کر دیتا ہے لیکن کبھی بھی بیوی کے منہ سے اپنے بہن. بھائی اور والدین کی برائی نہیں سنے گئیں.

  4. Sir main aapp ki iss baat say agri Nahi hn aapp oorat hootay kissi Naya khandaan Ka hissa bantay too wahan joo salook oorat Kay sath hoota ha Woh oos oorat koo pata hoota ha iss liya oos koi sub wilan lagtay Hain Hala Kay maray khiyal main welon sirf ois Ka husband hoota ha koi oos koi tahfuz Nahi day Sakta kiss tarha wooh oorat sisak sisak Ker bachay bhi paida Kerti rahti ha bachoon ki khater Zindagi bhi guzarti rahti ha oor sisakti rahti ha yeh aik oorat hi samagh Sakti ha jiss tarha oos koi sas oir nandain tang Kerti Hain

  5. So what can she do??? the wife leaves her entire family and come to her husband's house where she works and is expected to work and adjust with the entire family of her husband and without any ifs or buts In the majority of instances, she was supposed to or expected to FIX HER HUSBAND too, who is spoiled by his parents. And in the husband's house, there is no compassion or care for the daughter-in-law. I am speaking from my personal experience. within 15-20 days of marriage, I was told to take the responsibility of cleaning the entire first floor of four rooms and bathrooms of my husband's brothers and taking out their dirty clothes and dust and cleaning every day (as they were unmarried at that time) kitchen helping duties morning, afternoon and evening too. Make their beds. Am I a wife of my husband or the maid for the whole house? SO let's not forget this psychological and physical torture too. That's why Muslim Ummah is not getting the JUST leaders.

  6. Sir je. Basic. Problem is. Joint. Family. System. Aj ke Orat. Dosri. Orat ko. Berdasht he nahi. Ker Rahe. Khabi Saas. to khabi. Baho kabhi Nanad Kabhi. Bhabe. Or. Islam se. Dori. Sirf her aik apney app ko. Drust. Samagta he

  7. Maayen vaqai mazloom hoti hain or vo kisko apni dastaan sunayen us shohar ko jo kabhi uski sunta hi nahi ya in nandon ko jo hamesha uske sath zulm krti rahi aisi condition me uske apne bache hi bachte hain…
    Agr aisa ni chahte to muashra sudharna padega srf aurat qusoorvar nahi hoti

  8. I m not agree maa sach mein mazloom hoti hai apne maa baap se wo kh nahi sakti shohar se kah nahi sakti to apne dil ka haal bacchon ko hi suna sakti hai kyonki wo hi uska dard samajhte hain humara mashra esa hi hai apko andar ki haqeeqst puri tarah nahi maloom

  9. There is no manipulation. This is true that kahala and manu r fair with us..but not phupho actually. This is so true, in laws are cruel 80% . The words he is saying bachpn me mara krti thi, come to South punjab, u will see this " maar" in every home. And this is trend over here. Well ,