Thousands rally in Ethiopia in support of troops in Tigray conflict

Thousands rally in Ethiopia in support of troops in Tigray conflict

Thousands of people have rallied in Ethiopia’s capital to show their support for federal troops fighting in the northern region of Tigray.
Speakers called on Ethiopians to be unified against rebels in Tigray.
They accused them of using child soldiers.
It comes as the conflict has widened to include fighters from the neighbouring Amhara and Afar regions.

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports from Addis Ababa.

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  1. Ethiopia has to be supported because the country has been forced into conflict and war in which many civilians and soldiers die and will be died. The net gain from the war is National protection and freedom of the country to protect her nations peace and prosperity
    Where is Democracy if outsiders forced you to accomplish their mission? The paradigm is not worked in our country we all are ready to protect our country in all aspects.
    Peace and prosperity to our country!

  2. our Amhara brothers got mad supporting this mad child abiy who is bent on destroying the whole country, the generous mother Ethiopia.
    may the Almighty Allah bless and protect the country against all evils.

  3. Who attached the convoys ?? D Aj dont just report half info and let the world guess ! Plus tplf started this war . They should be held accountable for that not the fed. Govt.

  4. Al jezeera, I can see three possible scenarios about the fate of TPLF.

    Scenario 1: All the untied forces of Ethiopians will fight and destroy TPLF soon, and the people of Tigray will be given another chance to detach themselves from TPLF and form their own government through negotiation. Non extremists TPLF leaders will be actively involved in the negotiation with the federal government

    Scenario 2: The Ethiopian forces will continue to stay on the defensive, encircling TPLF for another two or three months, and TPLF will eventually surrender when it is out of logistics, food , military supplies, and when the young and new recruits refuse to join TPLF.

    Scenario 3: When things are beyond their control, the people of Tigray will come out against TPLF demonstrating and forcing TPLF to leave Tigray since they can not survive without food, water, bank , schools, medicine, transpiration, electricity, communication, etc. This is just like when TPLF was forced to leave Addis Ababa.

    In any of one of these scenarios, TPLF will die its natural death in Tigray. Under scenario 1 &2, UN may recommend peacekeeping forces, but Ethiopians will never and ever allow any foreign troops to walk on our soil and territory. US and Europe may continue to impose tough sanctions. As a result of the sanctions, things may be difficult, but we will continue to survive with out international aid and loan. Tighten Your belt !!!!!!!!

  5. They missed the peace deal. End of the game. Now they have to continue the game they started.

    This case doesn't have to consider about the Nobel prize winning. Are you going to stay calm hugging the Nobel prize!! He has to react if the Junta doesn't want to follow the federal government rules. He is responsible for the governmental affairs and rules. They opened so many YouTube accounts and floods with propaganda.

    1. They trained Tigray special forces
    2. They left the parliament house
    3. The put gasoline in fire via propaganda
    4. Attacked the station of the armed forces
    5. They looted the country for 29 years
    6. They dominate the higher office sectors
    …..the list is long. The only solution is destruction of Junta group. This can solve Eritrean troops= well trained.

    Allianz can be made no discussion if the Ethiopian government wants for help. Like France invited by Chad's government.

  6. Bravo! Ethiopians. We support our leaders. Dr Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopians prime minister, is paving ways to prosperity. He's the one who polishes the infected minds of citizens that had been wrongly designated by TPLF. the world must understand the reality. TPLF is misleading the world. Abiy is physically, mentally, psychosocially and politically fit to govern Ethiopia. Long live Abiy!!! truth is the winner. Shame on TPLF and its supporters because they are provoking war against Ethiopia blindly.

  7. Ethiopians tomorrow when TPLF arriving Addis they will demonstrate and will wellcoming by tears also Ethiopians are like shadow depends on the sun.that They know what happened in Tigriay for the last 9 months.Tigrians are fled,killed,raped,blocked their bank accounts,destroyed infrastructure,looted animals,house hold materials,health care tools etc… By Eritrean Military,ENDF, Amhara militias regional special forces,and UAE drones.Ethnic Tigrians Members of ENDF soilders are now in concentration camps,innocent civilian Tigrians are now discriminated,shame on you you can't never hide the truth how you will live tomorrow with Tigrians? Shame shame

  8. Most of these protesters are lobbied even paid cash to come out for demonstration, but it will not help the government , it shows me that this regime is near to fall.

  9. How on Earth is possible for a regional representative minority party to divide you? Think about it! You are making regretable mistakes. Do not forget the people of Tigray have inviolable constitutional reserved powers and rights to self rule. Every time you come up supporting PP and Meshrefet, do not try to impose your political interests upon the rest. In fact , it is imperative to respect the constitution rights of others as Ethiopia is not your personal belonging. I know all what is unfolding in Ethiopia is done by HGDF goons.

  10. Hands off western country aka America the worst country on earth. Ethiopia will fix their own problems by themselves. America stop making things worst. I trusted CNN for the last 15 years but I know now that it is a company that makes false accusations of my motherland, Ethiopia. I hate hate hate hate you America.

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