Fox Gets TRIGGERED By Captain America

Fox Gets TRIGGERED By Captain America

Fox News is confused that noted Hitler punching superhero, Captain America, is so political now. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Jeff Waldorf discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“There’s an old, simple little adage that goes something like, “Everything is political,” and it’s true. The ability to avoid politics, or not have different parts of your identity politicized by society, is political, itself — it extends from the privileges conferred upon some, living under patriarchy and white supremacy.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jeff Waldorf

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jeff Waldorf


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  1. Throwing around "woke" as an insult is funny. It's like the window licker teasing a kid for doing well in school. "Oh so you got an A+ in science? You must feel special because you got 100% on all your classes and no one else could. You must think you can do anything…."

  2. This pop culture war is just a distraction from the real problems in America. Like wealth inequality and the fact that the government (whether its dems or repubs) work for 1%ers and large corporations, NOT the American people.

  3. Captain America has always been political. This attack on a symbolic figure is just a display of the deeper attack on America and the values America should be about (although hasn't always succeeded to be). The Nazis and Nazi sympathisers always love the symbols and twisting them for their own purpose but as soon as the symbols have any content they can't twist then they want to ban them. And Faux News are Nazi sympathisers.

    USAgent is more to Faux News' liking.

  4. I agreed with the idea of everything said, but you've got to lay off the "Crying Republicans" rhetoric. This is unchecked rage, pure and simple. Crying is a means to sympathy and acceptance. Actual crying could do wonders for the Republican party. Stop stigmatizing crying!

  5. Who cares about Kevin sorbors opinion he was Hercules…. The people that fox bring on to debate about non serious, fabricated, conspiracy's is not surprising….

  6. Conservatives love thinking they're the underdogs, it let's them think they're the hero of their own stories, rejecting assimilation and preserving their self righteous life styles. And Fox knows that, they feed the flames by dumping gas on it with this B.S. and we've gotten to the point where they all actually fundamentally believe it.

  7. Cap's got political a few times, even handing back the shield and ditching the name and uniform when he felt he could no longer represent the way America was going, this was early 70s,the nixon years

  8. Who said America was bad? I didn't get that from the little clip you guys showed. But dang those were two of my favorite actors…I love me some Dean Cain…so disappointed in his perspective right now; they seem confused…makes seem like Superman and Hercules are jealous of Captain America's success

  9. If these idiots read the comics they would know Cap has always been that way. He was against Vietnam when the character was resurrected, against desert storm…. Let's not forget the GREAT story of Civil War (comic book) which was his way of opposing basically the Patriot act- which was called the superhero registration act in the comics. Cap has always swing very left, in the 40's when he was created, in the 60s when he came back, on and on it goes.

  10. If Fox thinks this is too far, wait until they find out Nixon they made Nixon into a supervillain who committed suicide after the Watergate scandal. And the time Cap gave up the mantle because he was so ashamed of the actions of the US government.

  11. Ever notice conservatives to ride progressives and liberals as being social justice Warriors? That means that, for the most part, we care for the rights of others whereas when Republicans cry about social justice issues they, for the most part, only care about issues that affect themselves.

    We get "triggered" when we see inequality, Injustice and racism, they get triggered by mr. Potato Head, Doctor Seuss, Captain America and rap music.

  12. I remember when they got their white nationalist panties in a twist when Captain America fought the Sons of the Serpent too. They probably dragged relative's kids out of theaters showing Captain America movies because they were "too inappropriate" and had them watch Starship Troopers and unironically root for the fascists. Or watch Lord of War as an instruction of why there need to be more guns in America and arms dealers are heroes.