Kamala Harris mocked for claiming rural American's can't get ID's photocopied

Kamala Harris mocked for claiming rural American's can't get ID's photocopied

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov says she doesn’t know anyone who could defend the remarks on ‘The Five.’ #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Copying ids is technically illegal and no one accepts copies anyway. She dumb af, biden dumb af and anyone who “voted” for them is dumb af. This country is further divided and falling apart entirely since they took office.

  2. Doesn't Kamala Harris know that most home printers have a copy feature? Why people continue to vote Democrat when they so glaringly think the American people are stupid is beyond me.

  3. That's ladies doesnt no wow smatt we is in the country r. I think she'll haven't been good president Obama, sorry my cousins waited R lol 4 me. We's kept it in the family's home slice

  4. Every person getting some kind of social service has to have a valid, photo ID would be a start. Not bashing social services, that keeps people from starving but there are those who get food assistance, living in one house and thirteen adults, no kids, living there getting assistance. Don't question me on that ppl, they were my neighbors. They live across the street from the clerks office, less than a minute's walk, it cost $3.50. No excuses not to \have photo ID. People living in rural areas, they gotta come out the woods sometime

  5. My great aunt who is 93 sent me pictures of family members via cell phone and she lives in rural america with a town population of 20. And on top of that, the pictures she sent were of her grandparents. If someone wants something bad enough they will find a way. Whether it's keeping documentation for over 100 years or living in rural america.

  6. So…. How about this, when you graduate from High School, you get an ID card! Men have to register for the draft when they turn 18….. How about EVERYONE registers, then you get an ID at the same time? It's not difficult for anyone…. IF YOU WANT IT! If you don't, then you don't get to vote… SIMPLE

  7. How about if just in case the USA has remote rural areas, just in case that is, these people get exempt. I am sure our government is aware of these deserted areas who do not have post offices or Kinkos but still receive mail. The majority should not be penalized for the few who are not able, if any.

  8. This dolt is astounding. I am sorry that the first woman VP and the first VP woman of color, a former educated lawyer, DA, etc, has so very little understanding of American culture. I cowboy for a living. The nearest neighbor is miles away. The nearest city is almost 20 miles away. That being said, a cell tower is not too far and I have a phone from which I do much business from. As a rural American, I have an ID, have to show ID for numerous things. Newsflash… we even have running water and a toilet in the house! No sh#!

  9. Everyone born in the US has a birth certificate. Everyone who has immigrated to the US has a naturalization certificate. In most states that require an ID to vote, they will also accept a utility bill or just a piece of mail with your name on it.

  10. kamala harris is vp for one reason and that is she is black and got the black vote that got the democrats elected,its similar to an english premier league football team that buys an asian player,the team will sell so many football shirts in asia that they double the money it cost to buy him,kamala harris is doing nothing and being kept away hidden as she has served her purpose,its the same as the asian footballer as it does not matter if he plays or not the team has already made a profit from selling shirts

  11. Really shameful you had no issues when the insults was directed at black peoples so why complain when same thing is done to white peoples after all there is no systematic racism yet white peoples get offended or will not ever tolerate to be be treated like black peoples, beautiful USA isn’t it