Inside The World's First Electric Cargo Ship

Inside The World's First Electric Cargo Ship

Dubbed ‘the Tesla of the seas’ this fully-electrified, fully-autonomous cargo ship is already making waves. How does it work? Where will it sail? And why is it already helping save lives inland?

Join us today for a sneak peek inside the world’s first zero-emission cargo ship.


Imagery supplied via Getty Images


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  1. Sailing ships stop sailing when the wind stops blowing. Modern sailing ships have backup gas powered engines. What is the backup for a so-called autonomous vessel

  2. With Norwegian green energy infrastructure, surely creating hydrogen to run big ships on would be better? Especially as hydrogen could be expanded to longer distance freight?

  3. Note: isn't there a probleme with the source of primary matetials like cobalt or lithium for lithium ion batteries. Like child labor or environmental destruction in chile?
    Isn't there other solutions for, at this scale other alternative might become viable

  4. It's inevitable, just about all modes of transport will be electric and autonomous. And just think if these ships could deploy large solar panels above or on the sides of these large ships, all day long in the ocean sun gaining more and more energy every day!

  5. Electric shipping and freight will never work. Batteries are too heavy and will never be as energy dense as fossil fuels. It’s not economically feasible when 80% of your transport weight is just hauling your batteries around

  6. A desperate attempt to try to power something that large with only BEV instead of hydrogen fuel cell. Imagine the cost to build that thing and then it only goes 32 miles. I suppose you could still install the hydrogen fuel-cell hardware to get somewhat of a normal range. The battery would just act as a giant capacitor battery. That would be the only way to make a viable electric 200000 ton container ship.

  7. They should add some Magnus-effect sails to improve it's efficiency.

    That said, I don't think batteries are the way forward for large industrial-scale vessels like this. Hydrogen would be a better route, especially once we have the tech to make hydrides that are infinitely reusable.

  8. It is not zero emission. How much of the dam's output is needed to charge the batteries? What is the plan if the dam is off line? How often will it be using fossil fuel generated power to recharge? What does it have for back-up propulsion?

  9. I think we all know and eventually everyone will agree that: any and every piece of cargo, including humans, from point a to point b, over air, sea, land, underground and even unto space (the scale here is much longer) will be done by an autonomous electric vehicle.

  10. This is very nice, but it will never be feasible to drive oceangoing ships on battery power unless there is like some miracle that makes batteries much much smaller and cheaper.
    Instead ships are going carbon neutral by burning green methanol or similar is much more likely to be the way forward, actually Maersk already have three ships being build meant to run carbon neutral.

  11. It’s just evolution, we are transitioning again into renewables and soon todays fossil fuel cars will be like the model T ford just a relic as everything will be electric, then about 200 years from that the electric cars will be relics and so on as we improve on things such as battery tech

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