Tank Chats #132 | Morris Light Reconnaissance Car | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats #132 | Morris Light Reconnaissance Car | The Tank Museum

David Fletcher is back with another Tank Chat discussing the Morris Light Reconnaissance Car.

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  1. A gift all nicely wrapped. The young lad rips off the wrapping and opens the box, full of great anticipation of finally getting that model of a Churchill tank or possibly a Guy armoured car. But no IT'S a Morris Light Reconnaissance Car.

    Looking at it, clearly disappointed, and wondering what idiot toy designer had a bad day dreaming up this weird looking thing. Not wanting to be laughed off the block, quickly slips out to the nearby field and buries it.

    Ah well there's always next time.

  2. Like most of us, I daresay, I view david fletcher as something of a legend. But this was a strangely damning critique of a vehicle that clearly did have a use – not in combat but in policing duties.

  3. "Bois Rifle to the left of me, Bren gun to the right,
    Here I am stuck in the middle with you."

    Taken from Ode To A Steering Wheel by Cat Stevens

  4. Used to have one of the Mk 2 4 wheel drive versions and it was great fun to drive.It would easily do 50mph but there was no servo on the brakes so stopping was a bit interesting at times but other traffic would just get out of your way.It was registed as an agricultural vehicle in the old log book as ADX614. I think it was at The Tank Museum,don't know if it still is,was it the one that was taken to Holland? Still have the driver handbook,workshop manual some other paperwork and a blue print drawing from Morris.Loved it.

  5. Thanks chaps, love these chats, particularly the obscure vehicles that hardly anyone knows about. When David tells us right at the start that most of them were "completely useless…" I knew we were in for one of his brilliantly entertaining pub-table discussions. It's like we're sharing a couple of beers down the local with him. Golden stuff.

  6. I love these videos and never tire of them. This vehicle does remind me of the Dads Army upside down bathtub and shotgun though! In fairness off road is good, the armour is OK and it does have a turret. It was probably quite a handy vehicle to have around!

  7. David says the Boy's anti-tank rifle was useless, and he's not the first person who I've heard express that sentiment.
    However, the Russians found anti-tank rifles quite useful on the eastern front. I've heard a number of armor experts say that the armor skirts (Schürzen) on German tanks were fitted expressly to ad extra protection against anti-tank rifles.
    Does anyone know off the top of their head what the difference was? Did the Russians just build a better anti-tank rifle or what?

  8. The Russian PTRD (14.5x114mm) ATR was penetrating the vertical 40mm side armor above the road wheels of panthers in 1944. The Wehrmacht had to upgrade Panthers with "schurzen" (5-6mm spaced armor on the sides) to defend against them. PTRDs are still used in conflicts in Donbass and Syria today. So no, the Boys (about 14mm) wouldn't have been useless. It was not as good as the PTRD, but a simple search will tell you that it penetrated 23mm of armor at 100 meters. That would be enough to penetrate all the SDKFZ 250s, 251s, 222s, 223s, and so on.

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