What They Really Had Planned for Apollo

What They Really Had Planned for Apollo

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When we look back at Apollo we see the landing of the first humans on the moon with Apollo 11 and the following 6 missions up to Apollo 17 but the planners wanted a larger and longer program with a moon base and space stations but the Apollo 1 fire triggered the beginning of the end of this dream of lunar exploration. This is what the planners had in mind for Apollo after the initial landings.

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Written, researched and presented by Paul Shillito
Images and footage : NASA

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  1. When von Braun was working o. The Atlas rocket, none of his papers ever mentioned the moon.
    His research always stated Mars and beyond.

    I love the whole history behind the space race and seeing this old defector basically running the space program back than was a lament to how fucked the world was/is.

  2. Funniest thing is that USA space program was far more "communist" and centralized than Soviet space program. There was nothing capitalist in US space program. USA won because their program was utterly non liberal and was superbly centralized while Soviet space program was decentralized with many companies fighting for contracts.
    Soviets lost mainly because their space program was more capitalist alike – many contractors fighting for the job.

  3. This explains all those glossy but slightly out of date concept pictures I saw while at school some years later. Things that were supposed to have happened by the time I was reading about it.

  4. To anybody seeking further illumination on this or any other subject, all you need is a bag of shrooms and a still image of this man's shirt and the answers will make themselves known presently.

  5. I always feel the need to muddy the waters of discussion about spaceflight, by refuting the myth that it must cost a very great amount. (even costing things the NASA way)

    During the timescale of Apollo, Americans spent as much on cosmetics. New York, among large economies spent more on liquor.
    Don't think of comparing it to Vietnam, or your head will explode.
    Today, our annual DoD budget is ~85% of the running grand-total historic NASA expenditure. Counting Apollo, Shuttle, and the ISS, but not counting black budgets or ongoing operational expenses in our lucrative wars, each of which is more each year.
    During our invasion of Iraq, we were spending $8 billion a month in the war, and our annual NASA budget was $17 billion.
    The bailouts of '08 were greater than that historic NASA cost. The bailouts last year, very much more.
    ~$190 billion in 2020 money for Apollo, and a few trillion in Iraq & Afghanistan, plus all the military build-up during the time.

  6. Where is this theme song from? I thought it was from Modern Marvels, though similar that's not exactly where I've heard it. Does anyone know what it's from, it's so familiar sounding and it's driving me crazy that I can't place it!

  7. Apple TV has done a show called "For All Mankind" that explores many of the ideas NASA had for a post-Apollo or Apollo Applications program. Quite a bit of "soap opera" drama but worth watching for the glimpse into what might have been…

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