25 Surprising Everyday Objects That Can KILL YOU!

25 Surprising Everyday Objects That Can KILL YOU!

You won’t believe these surprising everyday objects that can kill you! If you value your safety, you’ll watch this video to learn all the everyday things that can kill you. From useful things down to random objects, this list will tip you off to everything that is dangerous. You won’t believe these crazy facts that will have you looking at everything from your golf clubs to your toothpaste. You have to watch this list and learn about these surprising everyday objects that can kill you.

The household items in this list can spell disaster and you’d never see it coming! From amazing stories of exploding aerosol cans to crazy scarf accidents, you will be amazed at the surprising ways people die each year. Think you’re safe at the mall? Think again – those escalators and vending machines are way more dangerous than you think. This list is full of things you didn’t know and will give you a lot of crazy facts to think about. Check out our countdown of these everyday objects that can kill you and leave us a comment about which you think is the worst!

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These everyday objects are thousands of times more dangerous than you’d ever imagine! From electric blankets catching fire to falling out of bed – these household items could kill you. Think your immune to these crazy ways to die? Watch out because snow, furniture, manholes, and even magnets are lurking to get to you. Heading to a ball game? Watch out for those flying baseballs and those stadium hot dogs because they both make our list. Curious why you shouldn’t wear flip-flops or why you should keep your Christmas tree at arm’s length? Join Mike from List25 and find out which of these objects that can kill you make it to our top 10!

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  1. 25, they even had a "CSI" episode dedicated to that.
    23, all I can think of is "Halloween II".
    21, I believe that there's even a horror film about a bed that eats people.
    20, I believe that! If cords are frayed, they can also cause electrocution!
    19, all I can think of is "Black Christmas" (and no, not the godawful 2019 remake)
    18, there was actually a string of unsolved murders in the 1980s that prompted drug manufacturers to put that foil-like tamper-proof seal.
    15, which is why you're supposed to tie your shoes.
    14, I actually used to be part of a safety team and could constantly get on people not to jostle the vending machines violently! The machines actually weigh A LOT (like anywhere from 400 lbs to just under a half-ton. Plus, the physics: it's lights out forever if you're REALLY unlucky)
    10, which is why you're supposed to wear your helmet at the batting cages.
    9, I actually had to make a sign to hang in the laundry room (just a PSA from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man)
    7, it's also due to malfunctioning Christmas lights; pine is REALLY flammable!
    2, like people who plug power strips into extension cords!

  2. 2:31 My question is, Does falling out of bed End the lives of Canadians? Because I am a Canadian
    2:53 Death by terrorist? I prevent that from happening by keeping my eyes open all night long!
    3:02 Sigh of relief I don’t use an electric blanket, so I’m safe (:

  3. This vid sucks. All are extremely rare cases or a smalll of examples that could be anything. A hot dog ? You mean any food? A base ball hit your chest? Anything can hit your chest. Brainless video.