How to Solve the Housing Crisis

How to Solve the Housing Crisis

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  1. Honestly, some of the best way to deal with the shortage of affordable housing would be regulation preventing the scooping up of buildings by REITs and other buy-and-churn price raising financial transactions. It is not an easy problem to solve, I will readily admit that. But as long as money is being made by driving up the occupancy prices on properties, business and tenant will not be able to afford those spaces.

  2. We don't just need new engineering, we need new economics. I know people have chosen to believe that economics is unchanging, and unchangeable, but that's simply not true.

    "The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking."

    – Murray Bookchin

  3. Convince gov to let everyone use an acre of free tax free good land to live on and grow food on.
    per homeless person:
    30k for a tiny house plus 15k for solar plus 15k for rain water collection. Composting toilets can be used.
    42.6b dollars might be enuf to end the homelessness problem in usa, that includes 15k for land per homeless person plus the other 60k i mentioned per homeless person.
    Also idealy let the homeless person help design the home they will be living in.
    And the land and these homes would not be given to the homeless but theyd be allowed to live in them and grow food on it and use it for free until they can afford to go buy their own house for example, or they can buy the house when they can afford to.
    Interest free no credit loans for the homeless for job training and starting a small bussiness may also be helpful.

    Community first village and oppountuinty village tiny homes for the homeless are 2 good examples of tiny house communities/villages for the homeles

  4. There are 2 ways to solve a tough problem in high school , 1. Copy from the smart classmate and modify a little 2. Study hard. Choose No. 1. Which country in the world solved the housing problem in the most efficient way? I think it’s Singapore. Is it perfect? And can it be copied 100%? No & No. but, they have done a lot of things right. Stop the buy house as investment/rent income, government built housing, use retirement savings (CPF) as mortgage payment, …

  5. The cost of housing is a big problem. The banks love it but it enslaves people for their working lives. The property industry holds back to make more money too. You've mentioned Dublin. I've heard Belfast is heading in the same direction.

  6. Shipping containers can be a real solution for low-cost housing in California but the city housing bureau always stands in the way with real estate speculators, developers, and the big-govt regime.

  7. I like Singapores approach to housing. By not leaving housing to the market they've created a system that works and gives people a place to live. The price being controlled by the individual and what they can afford

  8. The housing crisis in Amsterdam can greatly reduced or even solved, by building a new wooden story of op of every roof of every building. Wood is light and cheap. Amsterdam needs 20.000 new homes, on a population of 872.922 inhabitants.

  9. Elon musk has everything figured out. Selling dirt to poor ppl. He has to do something with his "transit" tunnel dirt. Boring is no more than a SpaceX financial support company… SpaceX is a mining company….
    The "genius " with 2 (garbage) patents sure knows how to save the world!
    Dont believe the Mars colony stuff. Unless it's all underground, we're a hundred years(?) from being able to solve Mars' lack of a magnetosphere problem…
    He just wants to mine asteroids and become….more rich…

  10. Politicians haven't gpt the common sense to stop foreign investors cashed up from exploitative capitalistic practises dtermining the market price of housing, the owners of a country the tax payers must and should determine price.

  11. How about this. Sprawl is just for housing…. yet why do u need all those people going to one place for everything. I look at many towns in the ne of America where u have everything u need in the most parts. Yes tighten up the towns build the urban cores up. But u don’t need to take people from the country to move them into basically mega cities.

  12. The only thing you forgot. If your already spending a ton of money for something like housing, the consumer is going to want something good to look at.

  13. It's strange the pre-fab construction has never really taken off in the United States. And it's almost a certainty that the Chinese method of building pre-fab high-rises will be even slower to gain acceptance. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is the case?

  14. Just make sure that as we build more, we build prettier. Bring back older architectural styles, be creative with space, verticality and layouts, build closer together. We need cities that look more like video game levels and less like prison complexes.

  15. You probably have no idea how BAD of an idea large scale Carbon Capture machines are. They aren't going to cool the Earth's surface, they're going to DEFOREST the Earth, in turn causing LOSS OF NATURAL OXYGEN production.

    Here is THE example of Underlying Cause/Mechanism. Why do tree ring data (historical temperature) correlate with ice core samples (historical carbon dioxide concentration)? Look no further than Basic Chemistry. Every type of fossil fuel vapor reacts with oxygen whenever heat is sensed (daily sunrise) to create carbon dioxide gas and water vapor. Therefore, whenever it is warmer, more carbon dioxide gas is created.

  16. You have missed the proverbial ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. The Housing Crisis is caused by MONEY LOSING VALUE or politicians having NO RESPECT for the VALUE OF MONEY. Central banks or governments "print new money" out of thin air endlessly, making existing money lose purchasing power. This makes the cost of construction too high and worse yet, it allows SPECULATORS to make easy money by trading homes like stocks, often keeping them EMPTY. Renters are a hassle, you know! In fact, American renters NOW don't have to pay rent, they just WAG SHAMING FINGERS at their landlords, then the government PUNISHES the landlords for them. Who is going to rent homes to low-income tenants, going forward? See how government causes one massive problem after another? Advanced building technology is GOOD, but it can't overcome bad leadership, which is a cancer on the entire world. No ally of the U.S. is allowed to let its currency gain significant value vs. the U.S. dollar, while our Fed is devaluing the dollar faster than ever.

  17. So, you don't like having many people drive cars? We may see ordinary people priced out of car ownership in the coming years. With the COST of providing homes skyrocketing endlessly, low income people shall end up LIVING IN BROKEN CARS that ordinary people cannot afford to fix. Bicycles, skateboards and scooters shall be personal transportation. If yours is electrically powered, you'll be a "hotshot." Public transportation may be, at best, spotty, because fancy transit is expensive. Only the elite shall ride in self-driving cars. You never thought that air pollution and freeway congestion would be "solved" this way, did you? Why must this happen at all? Nobody in power RESPECTS THE VALUE OF MONEY.

  18. Housing inequality is a problem caused by capitalism. We live under an economic system that makes necessities like food, water, and shelter into commodities. Necessities should not be produced for profit, they should be produced on the basis of need.

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