Trump lost the election. By a lot. Al Gore has a message for him

Trump lost the election. By a lot. Al Gore has a message for him

CNN’s Pamela Brown talks to former Vice President Al Gore about Rep. Liz Cheney’s remarks about the Democratic ticket’s election loss in 2000 and former President Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 race.
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  1. "Welcome to America…where the People 'Think" that they have Liberty."

    "..what is right for the Country…."..??? For the 2000 was. "…..what is right for the Miltary Indus. Complex…..!!" FALSE WARS..!!
    When it comes to the America's Presidetial Elections…..The only 2 choices are either A$$hole "A" or A$$Hole "B"…either way..The People Lose..!!

  2. You know I am a Democrat and I voted for Biden Harris last year. But I have my reservations I don't think either one of them is perfect and I don't like all of the things they did while they were either a senator or in Biden's case vice president as well. They're doing a lot better of a job trying to get this pandemic under control. Unlike some voters who drank the Kool-Aid I don't think that Trump is a God I think he is a human being. He screwed up severely especially in his last year in office with the pandemic. When he dies he's going to face the same judgment we all will when we go. I believe in democracy and the bull crap that I saw on January 6th shows me that there are people who frankly don't care about the democracy and are willing to do anything to have a sociopath in the White House. Also don't try to feed me this crap that it was antifa or this group or that group and not the Republicans or Trump supporters that did it. Take responsibility for your own actions. And if you want to use childish comments and try to provoke me into a argument with you tough luck. My mother before she died always told me that the best way to fight a bully is to ignore them because then you take away their power. Bullies only have power when they can get a rise from someone they don't like. So I don't respond to trolls because I'm not going to give them or anybody else the power to make me feel bad for having common sense

  3. I agree with Al Gore's comments. I can't help poking fun at him about "echo chambers on the internet" in light of his implying that he invented the internet earlier in his career.

  4. Gore's opinion of Trump is predictable. Gore was one of the original huxters regarding global warming, aka climate change. He made his money through massive fraud, and left the scene. None of his climate predictions came to pass, of course. He may sound good, but he is not good. The soft mind of the liberal is enticed by him, but his affect on citizen's lives can only be measured with the misery index. Not so with DJT.

  5. I have a message for you, Mr. Former Vice President and Presidential Candidate. Actually, it's a question. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, AL? WE LIBERALS HAVE REALLY MISSED YOU. WE STOPPED RECYCLING BECAUSE WE THOUGHT YOU HAD LEFT THE PLANET.

  6. I spent the first half of my life on the beaches of California and every nearby pool,and I was NEVER the fucking color of Trump or Gore. I was naturally tan. Their tan is not known on a natural palette. WTF?

  7. At this point I think it’s safe to say we all lost the election. Imagine having an administration that’s capable of securing the southern border and not leaving Americans behind in a terrorist state? That would be nice