Bash to Blinken: Will US defend Taiwan if attacked, yes or no?

Bash to Blinken: Will US defend Taiwan if attacked, yes or no?

CNN’s Dana Bash presses Secretary of State Antony Blinken over whether the US will come to Taiwan’s defense if China invades.


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  1. Trop malade mental Biden ne sait pas ce qu'il dit sur la Défense de Taiwan. Ses propos ne sont pas confirmés par le chef du Pentagone ! Biden n'a pas tiré les leçons de la défaite militaire de l'armée américaine en Corée en 1953 ! Biden n'a pas tiré, non plus, les leçons de la défaite militaire de l'armée américaine au Vietnam en 1975 ! Face à l'Armée de Libération Biden risque une nouvelle défaite militaire encore plus retentissante conduisant à la fin des Etats-Unis.
    Too mentally ill Biden doesn't know what he's saying about Taiwan's defense. His words are not confirmed by the head of the Pentagon! Biden did not learn the lessons of the military defeat of the US Army in Korea in 1953! Nor did Biden learn the lessons of the military defeat of the US Army in Vietnam in 1975! Facing the Liberation Army Biden risks another even more resounding military defeat leading to the end of the United States.
    Der zu psychisch kranke Biden weiß nicht, was er über Taiwans Verteidigung sagt. Seine Worte werden vom Chef des Pentagons nicht bestätigt! Biden hat die Lehren aus der militärischen Niederlage des US-Militärs in Korea 1953 nicht gezogen! Biden hat auch nicht die Lehren aus der militärischen Niederlage des US-Militärs in Vietnam 1975 gezogen! Angesichts der Befreiungsarmee riskiert Biden eine weitere noch deutlichere militärische Niederlage, die zum Ende der Vereinigten Staaten führt.
    太精神病了,拜登不知道他在说什么台湾的国防。他的话没有得到五角大楼负责人的证实 ! 拜登没有吸取1953年美军在朝鲜军事战败的教训!拜登也没有从1975年美军在越南战败中吸取教训! 面对解放军,拜登冒着另一场更响亮的军事失败的危险,导致美国的灭亡.
    Le Cowboy Américain est derrière la Chine et la Russie dans la course à la technologie hypersonique. Le Patron de Raytheon le reconnaît à la télévision ! En cas de la défense de Taiwan promise par Biden le cowboy américain risque un frappe chirurgicale hypersonique de très grandes précisions en Asie Pacifique.
    The American Cowboy is behind China and Russia in the race for hypersonic technology. Raytheon's Boss recognizes him on television! In the event of the defense of Taiwan promised by Biden the American cowboy risks a hypersonic surgical strike of very high precision in Asia Pacific.
    Der amerikanische Cowboy liegt hinter China und Russland im Rennen um die Hyperschalltechnologie. Raytheons Boss erkennt ihn im Fernsehen! Im Falle der von Biden versprochenen Verteidigung Taiwans riskiert der amerikanische Cowboy einen Hyperschall-Operationsschlag von sehr hoher Präzision im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum.

  2. Will US defend Taiwan if attacked, yes or no? ==== Taiwan is the affair of the domestic policy of China. Both Biden and Blinken have to stay very far away from Taiwan to Avoid Whole destruction !

  3. China and Russia seem like they might be preparing for expansionistic multi front saturation tactics style invasions in order to seize territory from their neighbours, by overwhelming western and international forces. That much is extremely obvious. This could well occur before the November 2022 US primaries and Chinese People Congress event, whilst a deemed weak US government is in power of the house. God help the international forces. The world faces the greatest global threat, since the rise of Hitler !!! Their navy could be mostly sunk by a simultaneous launch of 3 x 1,000 barrages of anti ship defensive long range stand off stealthy cruise projectiles from strategic locations around that region.

  4. It is the communist dictatorship that destroys world peace. The Chinese Communist Party has proved this to be true. Tibet, Uighurs, and the next target of CCP is Taiwan. ◆◆◆ We will surely crush the invasion of CCP. ◆◆◆

  5. who told us that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction? who conspired against Patrice Lumumba and Libya's Gadhafi? ……………….. we left no apatite for lies tellers like CNN.

  6. Of course we will defend Taiwan. Nothing is what it seems, which is the essence of “The Art of War.” In the latest instance of managing information, the horrible news out of China is meant to appear that the CCP is inept in managing the Chinese economy, such as the downriver flooding of the 3-Gorges dam, the bursting of the housing bubble, the blackouts and food shortages, the bankruptcy of even SOE’s. This is all intended to be the surface view of the present state of China. However, Xi assumes that we will then deduce that the CCP, underneath the surface, is really preparing the Chinese for war by purposely leaving them in need.

    Regardless of how the media (and the Chinese-owned Youtube videos) are coloring the events of the last few months, the central motif or surface view is nothing but a red herring, because none of these failings are actual failures of the Communist system. In fact, the CCP is purposely mismanaging the economy to manufacture suffering. There are no coal shortages or need for electrical blackouts, since there is actually no lack of electricity, food and oil. Strictly speaking, the news out of China is disinformation, presented by the (and I emphasize) “inscrutable” CCP , a bit of purposeful stereotyping.

    In other words, all this folderol is meant to appear like a dress rehearsal so that the Chinese can see what it’s like to have American bombers destroy their electric grid and interfere with their food supply. This dress rehearsal allows the Chinese people to see what it is they would need when the war comes and to prepare for those months of need. This heightened state of anxiety in the Chinese is needed to weld them together. Should the Americans feel so threatened that we do indeed launch a preemptive strike (oh, yes, we might), they will have less of a tendency to panic. More to the artfulness of these theatrics, this dress rehearsal has the added value of making the Chinese thankful when no war is needed to advance the political will of the CCP, as regards Taiwan.

    That’s why Xi is telling people to hoard food. That’s why he’s creating blackouts to simulate a time when the people will have to watch for American bombers. Anyway, that’s what Xi expects our American think-tanks to deduce from the disinformation on China’s economy. But, we can’t help but laugh at this clumsy scenario. Does Xi actually think that we think he would actually start a war against Taiwan when the possible outcome for China is the blackouts (for fear of bombers) and food shortages for his people. Can you hear us laugh? Xi even believes that President Biden’s political advisers are so inbred that they will not understand that all this hullabaloo of war (underneath the surface of CCP ineptitude) is a ruse. It’s a bluff to make Congress and the President think that Xi is intending war. In fact, Xi intends to make us so fearful of a global war that we will allow Taiwan to be taken without our lifting a finger. As if!

    For now, let Xi think that the stupid Americans missed his meaning entirely. We analyzed the situation and prefer that our people believe the disinformation at face value without seeing the preparations for a war footing. We prefer that our people see the CCP as weak and confused and inept. After all, we know this gambit for an unsophisticated power play. We know that this ruse is intended to make it seem that Xi threatens war without Xi having to say it out loud or “lose face” by not following through…which he won’t, not ever. All this Fake News about the Chinese economy is little more than ineptitude, a junior varsity play, just CCP noise and theatrics meaning nothing. Because, Taiwan is American soil.

  7. Could conflict between China and the West be avoided if the Taiwanese people, for those so inclined, were allowed to migrate on mass to Australia and possibly other countries? After all, we need to grow our population for developmental reasons.

    I support the One-China policy and recognise that some Taiwanese are happy to accept mainland rule while others are not. For those that are not, they should have the option of leaving Taiwan for Australia or somewhere else especially if that will help prevent conflict between China and the West.

  8. Defending Taiwan is only possible if you get into position preemptively. We either man the island ourselves and go 110% or we watch China take it in under 14 hours. A first grader can understand, until your there standing on the line your not defending it. It's so simple. It's so black and white. The island is too close to China. It all or nothing. And by skirting the issue it looks like we will watch and do nothing

  9. Question must be asked ! How the world did we get here today with China? Elite corrupt globalist (one world order agenda) had their hand in it. The planed agenda was to use a controled government ( communist block) to be built up by elite globalist over decades to over take Democratic Nation's Militarily and economicly. U.S.A has been infiltrated by communist leftist sympathizers for a long time hidden in plain site and now (2021) sitting in the W.H. The American Puppet is controlled by Globalist and using China to be a strong arm in taking away democracy from all free Nations. Americans "We the People" need to remove the Puppet and Puppet Masters now! , if not, a domino effect will happen when U.S. democracy falls every other Nation will to! Israel if not infiltrated by communist sympathizers will be the only country left to fight to the death against one World Order agenda. Power and control over others is the root of Evil. Historically Man's enemy is Man. We Humans never learn from the past. Unfortunately, history will repeat itself.

  10. In my opinion, we clearly know that Biden and his administration will never defend Taiwan from his stuttering reaction. I wish there is no war and no one gets hurt now and forever because no one can protect anyone and no one can be protected. Humanity is selfish.

  11. Everyone knows the US will not defend Taiwan in the event of a war with China.Taiwan is a far away island with a non white non Christian population. Most Americans do not even know where it is and they will not risk the destruction of their own country engaging in a civil war between 2 Chinese states.China is no Iraq and the US will be destroyed if the war becomes nuclear.

  12. The answer is NO because USA can’t defend Taiwan and it should not defend Taiwan because will fight a nuclear war if It has to because Taiwan means so much more to China than to any other country. Blinkin is also a fool on Iran. Iran says it would go back to Iran deal of America comes back to Iran deal but Biden administration won’t do it.

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