25 Biggest Google Maps MISTAKES

25 Biggest Google Maps MISTAKES

You are going to laugh when you hear these biggest Google Maps mistakes! If you have ever used Google Maps, you know that periodically there is a massive Google Maps fail that could leave you on the wrong street, wrong city, or even the wrong country! Google maps has become so important that a simple map fail can lead to border disputes, business closures, and other crazy consequences. Get ready for these funny Google Maps fails and be grateful that you are not the one dealing with these 25 Biggest Google Maps Mistakes!

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Did you know that Google has started border disputes with a simple map error? Or that with a simple mistake Google closed down numerous businesses? As this list shows, as amazing as Google is it can be really good or absolutely terrible. From Google Maps being used as a revenge tool to Google terrorizing one poor farm family, this list will show you all the amazing gps fails that Google has made. Make sure to check out this video of the 25 Biggest Google Maps Mistakes and leave us a comment letting us know what’s the biggest trick Google Maps has pulled on you!

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Google Maps has done just about everything to the poor people on this list. From rerouting Mount Rushmore visitors 13 miles away to moving a state park into a woman’s front yard, Google has made a lot of mistakes. Imagine getting on a highway only to realize that the entire road is actually shut down! Or worse, running out of gas on a deserted highway because Google Maps rerouted you (thankfully she was rescued after 119 hours)! Google directions also took one woman, Natalia Cappetti, through a terrible neighborhood on her way to the Christ the Redeemer Statue, landing her in the hospital for gunshot wounds. While we all love Google and the wonderful things it can do for us, the border disputes, inappropriate pictures, and offensive language found in Google Maps can make it one very dicey place. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end to see which videos make our top 10!

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  1. My friend and his girlfriend went out for a night drive in the country. Unfortunately they were using Google Maps to guide them, and ended up driving into a lake and needed someone to come and haul them out.

  2. A man drove his SUV into a streetcar tunnel, bringing traffic in downtown Toronto to a halt for several hours, reportedly told transit officials he was following his GPS instructions when his vehicle got stuck. A specialized crane was needed to remove the vehicle from the tunnel, since a tow truck would have been unable to enter the tunnel without damage, the process led to a nearly six-hour delay on two of the city’s busiest streetcar routes.

  3. I entered the name of my church and Google sent me to a home in an established neighborhood in a different city. To correct this, I reversed the correction and typed "HOME." Google then,registered it correctlY.

  4. The trouble with these apps (not just Google) is that some (many…) people seem to delegate all responsibility for arriving in the right place to them (I'm not meaning that there isn't incorrect information on them). There's such a thing as a paper road map – and road signs! There have been loads of stories of people doing stupid things like driving into rivers because the idiot driver didn't pay attention to the dead end sign. I mean, why the hell would you just carry on driving into a river with no road the other side?! I can understand people thinking that a small watercourse with a road on the other bank is a ford (though they always should be signposted), but wide bodies and fields or trees opposite? Yup, there have been cases like that. Frankly they deserve a soaking for being morons.

  5. I'm new to the area in Springfield downtown. Today, I want to go to the library GPS Google maps shoot me the good direction I'm like 8 mins out to the destination almost 2mins out to thr library my GPS tells me to go right and my GPS took me to outcoming traffic I was so pissed off and scared because I'm not used to the area GPS tells me where I need to go so I had turned my car around before the outcoming traffic coming my way. Thank God downtown area wasn't that busy around 9am-10am usually get little too crazy around busy hours like lunch time and evening time. But the usually i always follow the road sign since GPS tells me turn right but before I decided to confirm before I turn the direction GPS I look at make sure it doesn't say wrong way, do not enter or no right turn but now GPS got me all the way fuck up.

  6. I think that the WORST problem Google maps has is that in some countries it does not abide to traffic laws. Even after reporting this many times it's not fixed. Shame on you gmaps!!

  7. I entered Comiskey Park, former name of Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side of Chicago. The suggestions included a park in St James, New York, and Wrigley Field on the North Side.

  8. I don't drive, but I'll check local routes on Google, but then I cross-check them on a local street map – the problem with relying on a brain in a box is that people forget that they've got one of their own, .
    The heroes who demolished the wrong house: didn't it have a number on it that they could check to make sure they had the right address?
    And what idiot walks along a highway with no pedestrian access, just because the idiot box says so?
    They used to say that the reason they don't put computers on legs is because they'd walk over a cliff if you told them to. Looks like that now applies to people as well.

  9. We had a google map tell us to turn right when we were on a bridge. There was no exit. The voice said we passed our destination and to turn around and go back ….. the destination was about three miles down the road

  10. #11. What is the thought process behind that? Why would she just keep walking when there is clearly a risk? Four lane highway, no sidewalks, at that point the common sense approach would involve taking stock of the surroundings and maybe finding a less dangerous path.

  11. Google has been messing up on Atlanta. for some reason it is doing a swarm of the city. It has about 5 routes around the city and just says it will take 6 days 48 minutes to get home in NC… Also happens if I google from NC to Atlanta. It adds the bee hive to the driving distance… Of course yesterday, the trip only took me 3 hours. I was sooooo relieved…

  12. And still morons believe software should drive vehicles, make business decision and reach medical decisions due to stupidity and laziness. I still have to check all the calculations in Excel by hand for Christ sake. DO NOT TRUST TECH.

  13. Several years ago, I tried to correct Google Maps, which showed my 99-year-old neighbor's long driveway as a dead-end road, and my address as several miles away from its true location. My updates lasted for a few days, but then reverted to the former errors. When repeated attempts at re-correcting failed, and I was finally contacted, they REFUSED to believe ME, who lives here, saying THEY knew best! SMH (Shaking My Head). Ever since, I have told visitors NOT TO TRUST Google Maps!