The Truth about Hydrogen

The Truth about Hydrogen

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Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.


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  1. Excellent discussions and analysis on Hydrogen. HYSR / SunHydrogen has been working on the commercial version of the laboratory version from the university of Santa Barbara and University Iowa! This is going to be revolutionary when that happens.
    Remain elusive but possible. Regards.

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  3. How about actual use parameters when a car is exposed to different safety issues,accidents and so forth,the effect of aging and repair frequency and cost.A host of factors need to be at least thought of.As my profs used to say when I was designing curricula for the field, well- I suppose its coming….lol.

  4. In the US, 60% of electricity comes from coal. The portions coming from "clean" renewables like wind and solar panels contribute to greenhouse emissions through their production and eventual dismantling and disposal after a few years. Current prices of electricity won't reflect the demand of 50% BEVs. Just wait until 5:00pm when everyone plugs in their car. Power companies will increase prices by the hour, charging units will automatically delay until off peak times, and we won't have the luxury of shopping around for better electricity prices. USDRIVE is working on a path to $2/kg for hydrogen.

  5. I wouldn't buy hydrogen cars. If you still have to go to a pump to fill up and pay a price which is about $85, then it's just the same as buying a regular combustion engine. Buying a car that runs on pure electric is more efficient and more convenient to everyone to charge their car at home at any convenient time. Plus it cost on average about .60 cents every kWh at home. Buying an electric car is not about saving the planet. The planet has been here for over 5 billion years and it has been around before and after we are gone. I'm reality the Earth doesn't need us here, but buying an electric car is about saving ourselves and our own future.

  6. Japan has enormous quantities of ocean floor hydrates from which it is seeking fifty years of methane. This might be sold as LPG or turned into hydrogen for vehicles. Better distributed self driverless vehicles and forget the giant auto makers, power over the government. Australia exported more cars in 1965 than Japan made.

  7. The cost effective configuration is hydrogen with a regular ICE. FCVs have a lot to recommend them, but the primary virtue of FCV isn't the FCV, but the use of hydrogen. A hydrogen ICE gets you the primary benefit it substantial cost and weight savings.

  8. The thing is you don't have to even change the ic engine you run any I. C. Engine on hydrogen you don't have to use it to power an electric an electric motor all you need is wind generators at the stations or solar you use electroisis it's so simple I even use it to power all my garden lights you don't more than say 6 volts dc so very easy se every garage can produce hydrogen and you don't have to change all those I. C engines as you know soon farm equipment will be all hydrogen you can't use electric to run big tractors to heavy and will not run all day can't be done also we cam never run out of hydrogen we will run out of materials to make batteries simple guys electric is only a stop gap not the answer also what do you do with all these garages?

  9. I think hydrogen will be the best there are scientist what kind of better means to get hydrogen one group in United States are using garbage in oxygen free environment By gasification they have made more hydrogen methane Call me 1% potion this is a step in the right direction for hydrogen production and static fuel sources

  10. Hydrogen powered cars are more about the Hydrogen industry replacing oil industry profits. Both oil and hydrogen requires infrastructure stations the Special Interest groups which is Corporations wants monopoly just like Oil. Ironically Battery technology is invented by Funding of Oil industry as even they know Oil don't last forever and is looking at replacement Monopoly tech. Hydrogen too is funded by various Special Monopoly interest group as alternative to battery technology as replacement for Oil.

    Actually hybrid cars should be the interim period before Battery tech can actually reach a state where charging is no longer an issue. There are some players that does that and has use the concept of using hydro carbons to charge batteries making range extender easy. Cuts down hydro carbon use in cars Tremendously. In the inter regnum perfect battery tech and renewable energy tech.

  11. ICEs still have efficiencies to gain as well. We have yet to start taking advantage of ceramic matrix composites to reduce vehicle and engine weight, not to mention having tolerances for much higher heat and force in the pistons.

    I suspect EVs can take over wholesale in the Sedan and SUV space (at least up to the size of a Range Rover) in the next 20 years, but the batteries get to be too heavy for larger vehicle applications, and it's there where I think–between Achates' current generation of Opposed Piston Engines and material efficiency gains we have yet to exploit–EVs will never be able to actually be more efficient for transport at the heavy duty and super duty levels.

  12. Tsk tsk. Shame on this guy. He claims 99% efficiency from electrical batteries, and that is wrong. NO BATTERY IS 100% efficient. Who is he kidding? And is he assuming that we can get it all from windfarms? And that from wind to blades to wires to storage there is NO LOSSES? IDIOTIC. WHAT A SHILL. He doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground.

    So, he is delusional. Wind is erratic and not reliable – especially on the scale of running the over 100 million cars in the USA. Count lost "calm day" time at about 25%, to start. And 3 mph winds are minimally useful.

    And solar in 2017 was a whole 0.9% of power produced in the USA. So, scratch solar.

    So, where does the power come from? The vast majority **for the foreseeable future** will come from natural gas power plants – because in the real world you have to ignore Pollyanna projections about wind power. (And don't forget, we are already using nearly 100% of the capacity of the grid, for non-car applications. Where does the rest of the power come from, once 100+ million cars are added to the demand on the grid?)

  13. why not both? have an electric vehicle with a smallish hydrogen tank+fuel cell to recharge the battery for extended range and/or quick refuelling, but allow direct battery charging to reduce costs when the extra range is not needed, or more time is available

  14. So, just burn hydrogen through an internal combustion engine. That is in fact the way Toyota is doing it in their experimental vehicle. It is kind of ludicrous to run hydrogen through essentially a battery to then power an electric motor. If you just have to have an electric motor driving your vehicle it would be better to use the hydrogen to run a generator to power the car. There are no batteries required other than for start up.

    All the heavy equipment companies will move to hydrogen(or something like it) if they are required to eliminate diesel. They have to unless something better comes along. The CEO of a major heavy equipment manufacturer calculated that they would need to have 8 tons of batteries to drive a large excavator. I shudder to even consider how much those would cost or then how long it would take to re-charge them. They won't be converting to batteries. Even Tesla's tractor truck can only be used in limited distances so most 18 wheelers will also have to convert to hydrogen.

    All you people harp on solar and wind to run the grid. Wind is not reliable for continuous power generation and solar panels don't make electricity at night. We will need PILES of batteries to store electricity for the grid and at the same time we will tile the entire landscape with solar panels. Most of the utility generators or distribution companies have not even started moving in the direction of battery storage for the grid. On the other hand various state governments in a lot of states are mandating the mothballing of gas, coal and nuclear power plants. California is a great example of this now with rolling brown and black outs. Their grid is getting so overloaded that they are setting their wires and transformers on fire and starting wild fires.

    It is not a given that piles of batteries are the best way to push passenger vehicles around everywhere either. Even now there is a sum total of ZERO charging stations anywhere near me. I have heard a rumor that there may be one charging station around 35 miles away somewhere.

  15. What needs to change is the perspective, the point of view from which you want to see technology.
    If you look at traditional methods to define the efficiency and economical success of a technology then there's no question that hydrogen has no place in the market, it will always be less competitive because of the infrastructure and production costs inherent to its use.

    However, that is not what "green chemistry" and the future of energy production requires.
    We seem to forget to keep in mind that global warming is a real threat with real consequences. Indeed, just recently a noble prize has been awarded to three scientists who explained extensively how humans are responsible for global warming.

    In that view, what most papers and videos, web posts, etc fail to compare it's the environmental impact of each technology.
    How do they impact the environment, which one is more sustainable?

    If we still focus on profit, we will all lose together in following fake "green" slogans. Indeed, battery technology is extremely harmful to the environment. Yet, no one talks about it. The same goes for the Fuel Cell technology.

    I'd love to see a new Hydrogen/Battery comparison from an environmental perspective, thank you.

  16. Do you have a video on the Truth about motor vehicle batteries ? It would be good to fully understand the real impact on the environment and precious metals' resources, followed up by the longevity of the battery vehicle components versus fuel cell components.
    Thank you.

  17. other have brought up your efficiency calculations but you also added an inverter to the hydrogen line that doesn;t need to be there. if you are using solar panels to power an electrolysis plant then the power coming from the panels is already DC. i'm pretty sure hydrogen combustion engines are less efficient they are also still an option that would let car enthusiast keep their combustion engines while everyone else gets electric vehicles. it serves both marks well, and when compared to battery electric vehicles there is no long refuel time which is a convince that a lot of people don't want to give up.


    Make battery powered cars:

    With in road recharging … like the game where you drive over the powerstrip to load energy. Some wack induction charging lane on a highway, linked up to roadside solar and vertical wind turbines.

    Air travel: needs hydrogen fuel cells on the new electric turbine boeing ( if you want the drawings of fuel and electric diagram, you can email me boeing, i'm not greedy, i wanna see hydrogen powered airplanes in my lifetime.

    I'm getting older and more tired, i think i'm finally happy and feel safe and comfortable in my life/home/with family friends and a stray cat named navi that we took in. So yeah, get me a nice house and you can have all the plans (and me to oversee it). I also have a plan for how to IN AIR recharge our hydrogen planes (but that one i wanna see if you come up , i wanna see boeing do the research advance the field) but serious kudo's to the engineers (Standing Ovation), these are the real cutting edge of our species. hon mention: physicists, professors (real doctors, i get to say that because i am a doctor myself) i truly respect the entire scientific community from research and lab assistants all the way up the brain powerhouse professors).

    Oh damn, i typed up my rant : it looks too honest to delete it. SO sorry if i offend anyone but i'm putting it out there.

    Peace out


  19. Assuming battery tech is going to evolve to the point that weight isn't an issue is dishonest- good luck with heavy machinery with batteries- people like elon love to claim the tech is here then goes on about supply chain being the issue – yes digging things out of the ground and then refining and moving them to finally destination can't use the same energy requirements of using a gass powered car – we don't have the tech and its not coming with batteries- hydrogen electric mix will do best in the long run

  20. 60 Minutes Australia just produced a documentary saying "the smart money is on hydrogen". Sponsored by Toyota. Comments disabled. The smart money is EV. Its already there.

  21. Batteries are so out dated. Australia are in the process of making the largest green hydrogen plant in the world. It’s used for mining trucks, coal ships and coal trains. We have unlimited sun for solar for a electricity source to make hydrogen.

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