Chile: A future without coal? | Global Ideas

Chile: A future without coal? | Global Ideas

Chile has lots of solar energy and now has a way of storing it. An innovative new facility in the Atacama Desert can store the power for up to 17 hours a day. Now there are also plans to convert coal-fired plants into thermal storage facilities.


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  1. What are we going to do when the sun goes dark ? It's almost time for that to happen! And when the wind stops blowing? May I suggest that we stop worshiping the sun and the wind God's. False god worship, ba'al.

  2. I love that Chile begins to grow and innovate, but in these presidential elections we need a president like Jose Antonio Kast, who raises Chile to be the vanguard in new technological investments, today Chile is convincing with a strong Communism, that would condemn us to failure and to become like venezuela …

  3. The innocent internal combustion engine car is not to blame for mounting air pollution in big cities but the small amount of octane or RON in the car's petrol tank is. "Clean gasoline" or "clean petrol" should at least have a RON 93 level or an octane 93 level. But the main problem is really the way many people define mobility on a daily basis and on a regular basis. About getting to work and shop. The solution is to come up with a far better definition of what public transportation experience really is. Electric buses, elevated electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), super fast trains that run on electricity, the redefinition of synchronizing life at home in a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) lifestyle that is reflected in that daily home routine environment and then on finding the nearest public transportation stop, or if time is available in between travels then seeking "rented office space cubicles" (that have a coffee bar too) at train stations meant for high mobility office workers and high mobility office employees wanting to sort out presentation work at the last minute for meetings in the meeting room at offices later on… the daily rhythm of moving from Point A to Point B as such as to temporarily rent a cubicle or rent a stop-over job space at a train station for half an hour (temporarily is the key word)… and much ahead into the broader aspect of defining what is needed for having a more flexible work procedure schedule that rewards new creativity produced instead over the repeated familiar mundane work carried out for periods and periods long that are boring.

    In short… A redefinition of the daily rhythm of work and the rhythm of life greatly improves the quality of the natural environment we all live in. New technology comes in.

  4. almost 60% of chilean energy is already produced by renewable energy, the goal is get 100% before 2050.
    chile also have the best deposits for lithium, copper and other key materials for electromobility.
    and also have the perfect enviroment to produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the world.
    all of this is just a future plus to his groowing economy, being the most succesfull country in latin america, chile is THE place to foreign investments now.