HONDA NT1100 2022 Specs | All You Need To Know about the new Honda NT1100 |

HONDA NT1100 2022 Specs | All You Need To Know about the new Honda NT1100 |

Honda NT1100 Specs 2022 | All You Need To Know about the new Honda NT1100 |
A new breed of Honda tourer makes its debut. Taking the heart of the CRF1100L Africa Twin as a starting point, the NT1100 builds on the platform to offer comfortable, agile, enjoyable performance. A low seat height and sharp steering geometry combine with high specification suspension to create a sporting package.
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We’re best known for covering all the latest motorcycles launches and bike industry announcements, breaking motorbikes news, first ride, and road test.
One million monthly bikers and growing!


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  1. I believe the whole ethos of this bike is directed at more older riders who don't have the pockets for a goldwing. Those of us looking for ninja Sx/Suzuki 1k GT dynamics in this bike I bet you should give this a pass. As Olie said, refinement and not outright performance is what honda are banking on to make this a seller. The Tech on here will be a big plus. The lack of a shaft drive the only let down. Design wise. Spot on. It will be interesting to see if this one can be a daily commuter like it's competition

  2. As a faithful VFR owner (now on my second; had my 1st for 18 years), I have to say that Suzuki nailed it. If I was looking for a new bike, it would be the new GSX1000GT.
    It's hard to pick a model from the current offer at a Honda dealer, tbh. That makes me sad.

  3. Omg… what happen to Honda? Bike looks like big scooter without character…Are they aiming for old man market? Bingo commuter? 240kg and 100hp? Where is VFR? New modern sporty 1L tourer ? Looks like Suzuki will be big winner with GT. NT sounds like – No Thanks.

  4. The deal breaker for me is the lack of a shaft drive. I can’t quite understand why Honda would build a touring bike with a chain, as opposed to a shaft. The shaft drive system on my venerable old 1983 GL1100 Goldwing is still going strong.

  5. I preferred the mock-up pictures which were doing the rounds, looked a whole heap better. This one looks very dull. If it is sold cheaply then it will sell OK. A bit of a boring effort from Honda after such a great bike like the AT. Looks basically like a replacement for the CBF1000, or a bigger NT700. I'd put my money on the new Suzuki GSXS1000GT any day.

  6. anyone who tours on two wheels knows any touring bikes best asset is its touring ability, and that means cruise control is going to be a top asset in any tourers list of assets.. active cruise control and it's on like donkey kong.. why the motorcycle world has waited so long for CC is beyond me, I've used rubber washers, clamps to finally a throttle made clamp that rests on the brake lever to stop the throttle from chopping and remain at a steady state cruise..

    cruise control is and has been handy since day one for tourers and cruisers, because you can maintain that legal speed and pay attention to other things which is even handier, active cruise control is only going to do yet another task, keep traffic off your arse, and keep you off traffics arse.. very handy, however I do believe these features really do need white line sensors as well so riders who like to invest in scenic riding may be warned "hey bud lil too close to the edge here" and this should be active as well, give the rider the ability to choose how close to the stripe he wants to begin his warning at, both sides of the road of course and with the options of chopping the throttle if said parameter is exceeded.. all for safety of course..

    let's face it riders cannot be too safe, inner city modes at the flip or push of a button is a must, a rider can be warned if a vehicle is approaching too fast so riders may react as in move out the way or ditch the bike and beat feet, this is like the 3rd top cause of accidents for motorbikes, rear ended at lights and stop signs.. a warning sensor and camera is utmost for inner city, even freeway..

    once oncoming vehicle is settled and stopped warning goes off and we are back on track.. these are very nice features that shouldn't be relegated to cars only.. so we would have "active cruise control", dynamic adjustable user defined lane sensing", "rear end warning sensors with camera(s)" .. again user defined or a universal distance warning made for everyone, if the rear end sensors determines the vehicle is at an appropriate distance and making the appropriate breaking measures then no alerts, anything fishy it alerts visually, audibly and perhaps vibration in the bars/seat, same as lane sensing, however there must be all 3 as many will not have hands on bars full time, can never have too much, with the user being able to define everything..

    these features should lower insurance rates as well?

    eventually much of this can be integrated into a heads up display, all warnings have pop up abilities.. again riders can never be too safe, the two wheel factor, why they waited so long for this is beyond me, we've have had capable cameras for 20 years, how many accidents could have been prevented?

    so many ways to make riders safer, "inner wheel ride flat technology" – "tire pressure sensing" – "low side prevention using flip out training type wheels" a bike gets too low again angle is user defined the wheels engage and ride the tarmac, cruisers should have this technology for sure.. "lane sensing" rear end sensing, 4 way cameras, and of course heads up is one of the most important, let the rider see these paraleters without having to take his eyes off he road, especially animal sensing… motorbikes should have far more night riding safety features including extra lighting, these days that's easy with LED technology, if they can make automatic dusk sensing for cars then why can't extra lights blare on motorbikes when animals are sensed? nighttime and daytime animal collisions are a big one too..

    companies need to invest more money into this to make riding safer, audible warning to the animals, lighting, especially lighting that actually angles off the road so you can see the animal before its in a precarious situation, why I really like non stacked headlights, side by sides, I can take my right light which I do and angle it off more to the side of the road, then make it my high beam, night comes and I am in animal territory that light goes on and I can see 50ft off the road, and IT HELPS.. hale how about flir, heat sensing?

    also bikes could use more wet weather protection and safety all around nighttime wet riding? oh boy…how about automatic air pressure adjustment, sensors sense rain conditions they leak out 3-4 lbs of pressure, SAFER.. activates more lights, cagers see bikers easier.. more hard parts that have HARD REFLECTOR paints on them! anti fog/wet mirrors.. mirrors are a HUGE issue, seems like makers throw em on and don't care if you can use em or not, on so many bikes, we not only need to use them we need to see whats happening, so anti vibration and multiple zone would be nice, you know "image may appear closer" ?? cars slide in the rain as well, and they slide into bikes stopped and lights so forth.. how bout some heads up so a guy can bail and save his hide at least

    TC is nice, anti lock is nice, all that helps a rider feel more secure in the wet but why stop there? one more time, motorcycles cannot be too safe.. at least dial in those mirrors fgs…

  7. for me its rather pedestrian look, Suzuki got the Hayabusa right, and it don't take much to make it more of a tourer, but 100hp for a freekin levin hunnerd? no tanks, makes it lame in my book and why somany do opt for a busa as a tourer, ho is IMPORTANT!

    its a safety factor, manufacturers must not realize that power is a safety feature and so many of us avoid accidents all the time using sheer torque, you have to have that power to get out of the way, its CRUCIAL in those situations broking is not going to cut it… take pull outs for instance, I try to ride at teh cusp of the power band at the speed limit, this way anyone trying to pull out in front of me I can WHACK that throttle and beat their heaps to the punch, agaon, why buses are so nice in that respect, they have GOBBS of torque and a guy in the right situation who sees the cager pulling out right in his path can unleash all that torque and be ahead of that cage before said cage makes it to his or her lane, this happens so often and the # answer from cagers when asked why? I don't see the bike:" yup

    all this data is accessible through the insurance institute, manufacturers should be researching al this and addressing at least the top 1 though 5 causes.. in any event yes power is safe in so many ways, on the freeway, just getting out of the way and finding your own space..

    100hp wont cut it for me on a bike that size thats going back about 30 years in technological terms, hale it wasn't until the Hayabusa in 1999 did a guy feel like OK, now I think I can maneuver through these knuckleheads a lot safer, find my space and cruise.. then you have the kids and chuckleheads who "want to race" you slow down they slow down, making the situation more dangerous, you have to be able to blow their doors off in an instant and make em look just utterly stupid so they leave you alone, they think they have a chance they wont..

    nope this bike should have at least 175 at the wheel, otherwise no thanks… we as riders don't really care what transportation departments recommend, ro care about, cuz they do not care about us, if they DID, they wouldn't give licenses to folks in their native language who cannot read or speak our native languages!!!

    so bring MORE HP not less! it doesn't matter what anyone mandates or makes into law, if a guy wants a fast bike and has $$# he is going to have one.. PERIOD, turbos you name it, there are some STUPIDLY fast bikes out there, some 750hp.. that a gob for a large car, a motorbike?

    so maybe instead of listening to these tyrants who want to control everything stand up for yourselves, your company and your your loyal customer base and FIGHT THEM! let them mandate blah blah blah, tell them yu do this and we will lobby to have automobiles neutered for the "safety of the average driver" play their game, once you do this the automotive industry will get involved and make them go away, altogether..

    until they mandante a driver cannot legally drive in said country unless he or she can read and full understand the language and pass the test in said language they mean nothing to me and most riders, nothing.. just another greedy corrupt agency..

    keep neutering and folks will be investing in used bikes, liek busas, 14's, so on so forth and converting them, you leave it up to the EU and DOT's they will have bikes back in the stone age and cars running em over at will… nobody wants that

    this bike would work if you were the only one on the road, but that's just not the case is it? plus do you really want someone to pull up on a dated 95' 750 and dust your brand new touring bike? ffs the 95 gsxr 750 had 135hp… 1995! 26 yr old bike takes you to school? huh?

  8. I can tell already that the seat sucks just by looking at it and more than likely only good for 2 hrs max before the discomfort sets in. Mfgs still think form over function with distance bikes. I'm sick and tired of having to do seat mods on every new bike I purchase just even for a modicum all day comfort.