‘This is a place of death’: the fight for a meat-free world | Human Animal

‘This is a place of death’: the fight for a meat-free world | Human Animal

The animal rights movement is growing in the UK, with a new generation of activists taking centre stage – buoyed by the rise in veganism, a greater focus on sustainability and a developing understanding of animal sentience. Can these activists harness this momentum to change our treatment of animals or is this movement destined to run out of steam before it truly catches on?

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get backlashed, but I just don’t believe why people should agree with this. Humans shouldn’t eat just plants. Let me get one thing out of the way, Herbivores and Vegans are definitely different things. Herbivores always eat plants, while vegans may have had meat before they actually switched to being vegan. Anyways, humans require meats and plants to survive. Meats have a huge amount of protein, which can help muscle and tissue development. While plants do have many good attributes, I believe meats are much better for development. Many of these animals we get our meats from are livestock. That means we will continuously get meats from them and they will most likely never go extinct. These people feel bad for the animals, when in reality, there are millions and millions of them and it’s almost impossible for the livestock to ever experience extinction. Facts, over feelings.

  2. But, it is not choice based, they are compulsive only masking it with mild surface behavior which is superficial. Animal love is for the eco systems and their habitat and the efforts to change the wild animals to become farm/domesticated through different programs is where it should be opposed not for domestic animals which are farm based and are used for eating. It is the choice of people if they eat meat, or go vegan.

  3. Good to see this getting some coverage at last. These people are brave, courageous and in the end just plain right. One can argue that they eat animals for any reason but in the end there isn't really a justifiable reason especially as we don't need it to be healthy or thrive.

  4. Humans are supposed to be the guardians of earth sustaining it and it's life for generations. We have become twisted by greed. Eating animals should be left as a life or death survival strategy like in nature, not a system of slaughter to enjoy 30mins of taste pleasure.
    Consider Veganism people it's truly beautiful.

  5. Funnily enough, I'm actually completely open to the idea of eating vegan alternatives so long as they're tasty. However, protests like this LITERALLY makes me want to eat meat as a counter protest.

  6. I disagree with industrial farming, I believe the environment and nature need to be at the forefront of human responsibility, which can mean hunting animals, introducing and reintroducing species that help ecosystems flourish.

  7. Whether you like the protest or not, the point remains that the unnecessary suffering of non-human animals for our pleasure is not OK and that one immediate way we can take some agency is by going vegan. Start by looking up the definition of veganism on The Vegan Society page, and see if this philosophy aligns with your values.

  8. Keep researching sentience. Keep researching how to grow meat in labs and meat alternatives. When will people successfully breed an unequivocally intelligent and sentient animal to prove this point? When will tge human species be tired of being alone in the universe.