25 Inventions That Make Us Question Humanity

25 Inventions That Make Us Question Humanity

Normally, inventing something is supposed to be a good thing. It’s how people advance. It’s how society advances. If we didn’t invent things, we would just stagnate. Ever since the industrial revolution, the pace of new inventions has increased drastically. Moving into the 21st century, it’s almost unbelievable how advanced we have become in the realms of science, medicine, and technology. There seems to be no end to the advancement. Until now.To get things started, this list will no doubt contain its fair share of comic relief. So If you have eyelashes on your headlights, it’s okay to laugh. You don’t have to get mad. But for the rest of you, this list is sure to make you laugh straight through. There are just so many things that people have thought of that just don’t reflect very well on the rest of us. Ear candles? Reality TV? Shutter shades? Who in the world ever thought of these things? They’re definitely a step backwards in terms of human development. But that’s okay because at least we can laugh and have a good time talking about them. So here we go. These are 25 Inventions That Make Us Question Humanity!

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  1. I had a pet rock… When I was 6 yo. Since I wasn't allowed to have real pets, it was fun. (But I still killed it. Just kidding.)
    Seriously though, for little kids it's not a horrible idea. If they can keep up with it, graduate them to a virtual pet. Then, a real one.

  2. Love your videos Mike, but I'm disabled and have to use those silly Wal Mart carts. Nope, not thin skinned about this, just wanted to point out they have the silly things for people like me.

  3. Had to STOP the video at 04:07 and move on.
    PLEASE do the list properly and stop giggling on like a little school kid.
    OH and just for the record .. My life was saved by a helmet when a car pulled into my path on a motorbike.
    The helmet smashed and not my skull.
    PLEASE don't be a tit ..

  4. You should have mentioned that most of those detoxification foot pads are made of moisture reactive paper that change color when it comes into contact with the sweat on your feet.

  5. All of these are ridiculous, but the power bands have to be the most ludicrous. They are literally rubber bands with shiny stickers stuck to them. The fact that they had their own "craze" makes me sad for humanity, but also pisses me off that I didn't think of them first.

  6. The pet rock. People actually tell me I can't make money trading candy bars for old dusty gold and silver coins. I'm offering two big snickers and a regular Mr. Good bar for a krugeran. Where can I get the mailing list of pet rock purchasers.

  7. I know it sounds daft but i think general modern day humans make me question reality and no im not a boomer! I think the world is to politically correct and tuere needs to be a stop or eventually you can do anything that is seriously stupid

  8. OMG, there for a moment I was highly upset that Tristan would write. 'Native Americans'. (I'm assuming Tristan writes all of these). So relieved to find out it was a Mike misread. I forgive mistakes, but not bigotry. LOL. TgT